Dermalogica Ultra Smoothing Eye Serum

ULTRA SMOOTHING EYE SERUMIts not exactly new anymore as it has been around for a while and I’ve been using it before it launched because I was lucky enough to get my paws on it but with that all being said; simply put, this product, ever since I attended the launch at the #DermalogicaSuccess event last year has been nothing less than amazing. I have very sensitive eyes, to light, active ingredients, pollen and creams and it is very difficult, previously almost impossible, to find products that do aggravate my annoyingly super sensitive eyes. I now only use The Dermalogica Ultra Calming eye serum, but not all the time, every few days or so and normally in the morning before putting my moisturiser on just to give me a little bit more of an “omph” to start the day, other times in the evening when I feel the need to give my eyes a bit of extra love. Dermalogica Ultra Soothing Eye Serum is very light with a slight oil feel but once it has been applied it is instanly absorbed by the skin within a few seconds – there is no irritation and it makes you feel like your eyes are awake. Reduces puffiness, has a cool calming effect and makes me feel a bit more energised (not sure if that is the case for everyone else). ULTRA SMOOTHING EYE SERUM I think I will struggle to come across another eye treatment that will effectively work for me without the irritation and Dermalogica, as always gets a huge thumbs up and repeat purchases from me. Thank you to Dermalogica for including the Ultra Smoothing Eye Serum sample size in our first Cape Town #BWB goodie bags, as it will fit perfectly into my toiletry bag.

x flea143

Disclaimer: This product was initially given to me as a gift, then I bought another one and then received a sample size in a goodie bag at an event. Absolutely no bribery nor corruption has made me write this post.

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The Victorian Garden

If there is one thing that can be said about eras gone by is that everything that goes around, comes back around again. My generation, the millennium generation, may be under the impression that we were the only era to celebrate platform shoes circa Spice Girls but have a look around, they have come back in style again (not quite as bad as last time) but even before this, they were all the rage when my parents got married and their wedding photographs can vouch for this. The same can be said for beauty, fashion, style and even medicinally we often find ourselves looking to the past to see what they did right and how we have modernised things and completely made a balls up of how things should be by trying to be more efficient, and by efficient I mean commercial. Lining someone else’s back pocket while in severe cases we are exposing ourselves to harsh chemicals in the attempt to be modern and up-to-date.

Let’s move away from platforms and lets talk about organic. Organic is very in. Organic is very popular, whether it is what you are shoving down your throat or what you are smothering on your face, organic is better – its everywhere – like its a new thing but its not. Organic goods were the only goods before we started piling the artificial chemicals into everything to make life more convenient, to make things last longer and food to grow bigger.

The Victorian Garden is an unique company, their history is absolutely fascinating and compiled with modern research they develop the most wonderful traditional Victorian skin care recipes using only organic and natural ingredients and better yet, the products are made locally in South Africa.

ourProductsI did not know about this wonderful little brand until one of their gorgeous Hair Masques was popped into my first #BWB goodie bag, and we were informed not had the hair masques recently been relaunched and we were one of the first groups of people to get our paws on them. How exciting! The reason for the re-launch was to essentially crate a product that was harder working, better quality and great value for money. Hair masques are a product which can be enriching and the more enriched the better, therefore the new ingridients added assist with conditioning and repairing damaged hair, enhancing shine and moisture and assists with a softer and glistening hair all round after using the product – it does this by treating the hair shaft and nourishing the hair from the source with no added chemicals and completely cruelty free.

Retail: R95

Retail: R95

I have been using the lovely Rosemary & Jojoba Hair Masque with Peppermint which slightly tingles the scalp when applied but leaves the hair feeling fabulous afterwards.

Excuse the no-makeup as this was captured while Skyping my nephew on Saturday my brother so happily got a screen shot - but check my hair - forget the makeup is missing or admire my dog.

Excuse the no-makeup as this was captured while Skyping my nephew on Saturday my brother so happily got a screen shot – but check my hair – forget the makeup is missing or admire my dog.

If you are looking for a hair masque, they are R95 and available on The Victorian Garden’s website – be sure to check out their entire range as its completely fascinating!

Be sure to check out The Victorian Garden’s website, Facebook and Twitter @Victorian_Tweet.

x flea143

Disclaimer: This product was given as a gift in a sponsored goodie bag. This has not altered my view of this product in anyway.


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Give Your Pet the Ideal Balance with Hill’s


A couple of weeks back, I was privileged to join my lovely friend Heather from FemmeLifestyle to go to a different type of launch that involved skin care, hair care and the general well-being of our hairy four legged friends at the 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa. The launch was for Hill’s Pet Nutrition newest brand, Hill’s Ideal Balance.

1 Hill's Ideal Balance canine & feline logo (with sky)

The talk was led by nutritionist Dr Kathy Gross who had flew all the way from the USA for the exciting new brand to launch under the Hill’s name for the first time in about 45 years. Dr Gross explained the reasoning behind creating a pet-food which was all natural based on the expectations of a natural shopper and she really highlighted that we as humans have so much choice of what we eat and how we receive the right nutrients but our pets only get what we give them which is actually quite a huge responsibility on a pet owner. Getting the right nutrients is not the only challenge we face but getting the correct balance of nutrients is key and this is how the all-natural food, Ideal Balance was born.


“While I believe in natural ingredients, the more I learn, the more I wonder whether just being natural is enough to deliver the best quality nutrition. I know that ingredients are not enough and it’s the balance that’s important for a healthier pet.”

My puppy (or should I say old-lady-dog) Jess has been on Hill’s for as long as I can remember and she is 13 years old. She has never been a fan of dry food on its own, especially when she can have so many better choices available and so we have always had to mix some meat with her dry Hill’s Biscuits. I trust the Hill’s brand for my dog because the vet has always recommended it and she has lived an entirely healthy life and seems to be a happy dog. If my word is not enough, Hill’s was voted by the South African public as most trusted pet food in the Readers Digest Most Trusted Brands Survey of 2013.

The launch featured Bob & Bella, celebrity Hill’s French bulldogs that present on the Espresso Show. They happily modelled for hours with the new food and showed everyone that it got a big doggie thumbs up. Jess Treats - Ideal Balance

Prior to the launch, we were asked what animals we had and got given (THANK YOU and woof from Jess!) the new range to try out according to the animal (cat or dog) the size of the breed (small, medium or large). The selection chosen for my pooch was the Adult small breed 1.8kg dry food (RSP: R189) with Adult Poached Salmon and Vegetables Canned food (RSP: R20 per can) rounded off with some Turkey and Cranberries Treats (RSP: R49).

Jess has been in Johannesburg – can you say jetsetter? But she is now back with me in Cape Town and has only started to eat her new food this week. Despite my worry that she would lift her nose up at the biscuits, meat and treats because they differ from her norm she has quite frankly woofed every meal down and is still looking for more.

The range is available for cats too and will be available at selected vets countrywide from 1 April 2014 (this brand was launched initially overseas in 2013). If you think this range will be ideal for your fluffy friend, have a chat with your vet and they will give you the best advice.

Be sure to follow Hills on Twitter and Facebook and check out their website here for even more information.

x flea143

Disclaimer: the goodies given to me were a gift, this has however not altered my view of the products in anyway. No bribery nor corruption has been used in this post.

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Thought for the day.


The word ‘NOT‘ is offensive. You are NOT beautiful.

The word ‘EVERYONE‘ is offensive. EVERYONE thinks you’re irritating.

The word ‘FINDS‘ is offensive. He always FINDS the worst in her.

The word ‘EVERYTHING‘ is offensive. EVERYTHING you have done in your life was a waste.

The word ‘OFFENSIVE‘ is offensive. In my opinion what you said about so and so. This and that. Him and her. Them and they is OFFENSIVE.

What is my point?

Don’t take everything to heart. What I’ve been noticing about people these days is that they finding anything and any word or term offensive.

People. Relax!!! One of these days we won’t be able to use any words in any language, because somewhere along the way, a vowel, a consonant, a verb, a term was used in the wrong manner according to YOU.

You know what? Let’s just stop any form of communication. Because what is the point? People are over sensitive.

At the end of the day, different people in different cultures, countries and even the same families are exactly that….Different! Our sense of humors aren’t the same. Our levels of “offense” aren’t the same.

I’m not saying not to care about other people’s feelings, but if you show that something doesn’t affect you. Then it’ll die out. Sometimes the problem is not with others, but with you holding on to a mere term or word. Wow. Such a small and sad world that is. (If something major happened to you, then yes. Protect your feelings, but also understand. The billions of people out there don’t know what you’ve been through. And yes. You have to walk a mile in ones shoes to understand. But, this post isn’t about that. It’s about chilling the flip out)

Be considerate, but also. Don’t shoot people down if they didn’t know that they may have obliviously offended you. And if you correct them, do so understandably and don’t throw the offense back with a offensive defense!!! That defeats the purpose you supposedly stood for.

And if you disagree with me. Please comment nicely below. Don’t get offensive because I was offensive. Because I’ll find it so offensive and say something offensive. Then you’ll reply with an offense. Then I’ll hit back with an offense and then you’ll be cheesed off, because of the offense and well………… You see where this is going????????

Just embrace positivity. Be positive. Be a blessing. Don’t be a negative Sally. Don’t think you’re an emotional scientist looking at people in an emotional lab and you need to do some experiment. Let’s all change for the better, judge less (and I’m sure some may think this post is all about judging), eat clean. Lol. And drink lots of water. Read a spiritual book, brain-fart less and just give someone a hug.

Breathe in and out. Relax the tit muscles! Life is all about learning. But learn and teach kindly.

The word ‘not’ isn’t offensive. You are NOT all the bad things people say about you.

The word ‘everyone‘ isn’t offensive. EVERYONE looks up to you, because you’re an inspiration.

The word ‘finds‘ isn’t offensive. He FINDS all that you think are imperfections about yourself perfect.

The word ‘everything‘ isn’t offensive. EVERYTHING about you is beautiful.

The word ‘offensive‘ isn’t offensive. They stand up for what they believe in without being OFFENSIVE.

See? Same words as above. Different set of mind. What set of mind are you and I tuned to?

Muchluv, BeBlessed


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Ofra, Gosh, Ralo and Yardley London… Product Review

Hy Poutlings,

I trust that you are all doing Fabulous,

I know it’s been a while, but i was sick for almost 3 weeks and then I had to catch up on things.

I’ll be doing a product review Blog today, As you might have noticed by the title that its more then one in one go,

due to having one or two products of each brand, plus i did test and use them all together lol My face ended up looking like a carnival afterwards, but it was fun, and I am beyond impressed with most of the products.

Before we start here is a picture of my completely clean face, just for shits and giggles due to the end result :P


So lets get into it, I’ll start with OFRA first.


As most of you may know I absolutely adore this brand due to its amazing products and obviously yes they are cruelty free :)

So i had the pleasure of getting a eye liner / Brow gel, sadly not in my colour but Auburn but I did enjoy the way it made my Green/ Blue eyes pop.

I Really REally enjoyed it and will more then likely use it on an ongoing basis, even though the color wasn’t black enough :P It still looked really awesome, the application is easy and smooth. The gel itself is a nice thickness but not so thick that it looks horrible, Oh and did I add that its Semi permanent and waterproof? :D

Yes it is and that makes it that much more amazing.image (2)image (3)

I will without a doubt be adding this to my personal as well as professional kit in a wide range of colours, I really ejoy and love this, well done OFRA for yet another amazing product!


My awesome Brow with OFRA Semi permanent waterproof eye brow gel!


A few people have recommend that I look into Gosh for a while now, and I have stopped by Edgars a few times and they have a really awesome range of products but I have to be Honest for I have not yet tried them, They are however also Cruelty free and Vegan.

So I got a stunning Gosh Lipstick, a pinkish / light red color.


image_3I really like the color, especially because I’ve become very big on reds for lips, just love them, the lipstick is extremely moisturizing and the application is awesome, I have had products that leave my lips feeling weird and dry but this was not the case with Gosh, the lipstick is also a shimmery, Nothing to not love about it.

A def A++ in my books.



Brows: The awesome Ofra gel Lips: Amzing Gosh :D hehe My face is getting color


Now i’m sure this is a brand that’s not new to most who read Pout Perfection, if you can remember the blog recently had a Ralo giveaway. Ralo has been around for a long time now and is beyond affordable.


Sadly it’s not a brand I really use due to not being a professional brand and not being able to find out if they are cruelty free or not, (If anyone has any info on that, please let me know)


Generally very affordable products tend to be more poo then we’d like for them to be but I won’t lie, these products REALLY surprised me, the shadows are beyond pigmented although it messes quite a bit it does actually blend and not just rub away and the color really pops, same with the liner, it didn’t irritate my eye and the application was smooth and easy, unlike some pencils you have to dig a hole in your eye before it takes, however it wasn’t as striking as you’d see on the image below.

This really did surprise me, I don’t have foundation or primer on my face, only a normal moisturizer which makes this even more amazing haha I applied it and think i left it for about 2 hours before washing my face and the shadows stayed as they were and still as bright.

Well done Ralo you def impressed me :)


Yardley London

Yardley has been a house hold name for many years now, especially among the older generation, they Love it and are very much Loyal to it and with good reason, It’s a good brand but sadly they aren’t cruelty free and the main reason for e not using the brand.

I received a Yardley Longwear Lips in Nude and Retractable eye pencile  in Gold

imageimage_1As much as I don’t enjoy using animal tested products, like I said Yardley is a good brand and has always been,

The lipstick is a stunning nude color, application is smooth, and matte so if you prefer either you can always just sparkle some gloss over it and its a great evening look even with still being nude and natural.

It’s a long lasting lipstick and very light, I barely noticed having lipstick on and it doesn’t bleed.



I’ve always been a fan of Retractable eye pencils, especially for personal use, I just find that they apply allot easier and that they aren’t as harsh on your eye, very moisturizing and gentle, Gold isn’t exactly my color but this s a great pencil smooth and very gentle, also very bright without having to dig your eye out.

If you enjoy Yardley these are def two products to try, they are awesome.


Well I guess that’s my post for now, I’ll be doing another Essence one soon as well as some Hair and skin things, just need to use them as they are products that i’d have to finish using before being able to give an honest opinion on them.

Please note that I am in no way associated with any of these brands in anyway, shape or form,

these products have only been supplied for review purposes.

Thank you for reading, Please find all the brands sites and details below.


OFRA Cosmetics:



Twitter: @OFRAcosmetics

Instagram:  @ofracosmeticspro

Gosh Cosmetics:



Twitter: @goshcosmetics

Instagram: @Gosh_cosmetics

Ralo Cosmetics:



Twitter: @ralocosmetics

Instagram: @ralocosmetics




Instagram: @yardleylondon


Have an amazing Thursday!



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