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Words and Phrases that Need to Stop NOW

Hiya Poutlings!

Does the way people word things sometime rub you up the wrong way? Not quite getting what I mean? Well…

OMG!! Don’t you love in that movie how amazeballs the vajazzling she had once that stylista gave in and friended that beautician on facebook?

Well, I for defs do.

Here is my list of words and phrases that I think need to be made illegal immediately.


LIKE : It kills a part of my soul that this is, like, never going to go away…

VAJAZZLE : This is not only a repulsive image, but no, your vagina does not need Swavorski crystals on it… and I’d be worried about any guy that would prefer your vagina to be diamond encrusted.

AMAZEBALLS : Seriously? Who is really amazed by a ball? Wayne Rooney isn’t even amazed by a ball – yet its made him a millionaire, neither is Ricky Martin and he’s gay.

FRIEND : Not referring to this: you are my friend. more like this: DID YOU FRIEND ME ON FACEBOOK YET? My old English teacher would have a heart attack at the thought of this. God bless her, I hope she never finds the internet and remains peaceful in her bookshelf.

OMG, OH EM GEE, OH MY GAWD : OMG, is OVER. OMG!! No, no, no… Let’s start expressing genuine emotion once again. You know its got bad when people who are outspoken athiests use this expression… The irony is amazing!

blah blah.COM : Yes, we live in a technoligical era, and no, we do not need to put DOT COM at the end of a word or statement to make sure everyone understands the emphasis on that word. Never seen what I’m talking about? Have a look at your facebook news feed closely;;;

HAAAI : We love  LOLCAT here at PoutPerfection as much as the next person but did you know that typing this message is not cute or lovable coming from a human?

“I’m a Carrie”/”I’m a Samantha” : Any grown or semi-grown woman who has to refer to herself as a character from Sex In the City is not worthy of the title of woman.

i JuSt LoVe TyPiNg liKe mY kEybOaRd iS bRoKeN : Don’t do this. I will get sea sickness reading your sad excuses for sentences and just give up after I’ve vomitted all my PC/Phone/Whatever after trying to read your sentence. Not only will this make your typing take 1000000 times longer than normal, it will in fact make you look stupid, not cute.

LOVE : I love puppies! I love how much of a bitch she is! I totally love the word love! But really… I don’t love anything and just like using the word to make it sound like I’m really into something. I’d love if it we could just stop this, now.

retarded : self explanatory. if you use it, you are retarded. haha… I just said that! QUOTE ME!

FASHIONISTA AND ANYTHING -ISTA : Fashionista. Stylista. Whateverista. Can we stopista? I’m boredista.

GIRL BONER : ew. The thought scares me. Reminds me of lady-boys. Or an engorged clitoris. Don’t. Do. This. For. My. Own. Mental. Stability. Thank you.

I DIE : Yes, a part of me does infact DIE when heard those to words said. Seriously? Read a book, get some better form of expressing oneself.

ABBREVIATIONS such as OBVI, OBVS, TOTES, ETC. : I die. Why is it so hard to say obviously? Or totally? Geez.

ABBREVIATIONS such as TTYL, FML, PMPL, GTFO, STFU : I speak English and Fi-ish. What language are you speaking? I can hardly keep up with the Oxford Dictionary, WHY OH WHY must I keep up with this lazy teen text language. LOL. I’m obviously so behind the times.

THAT’S SO GAY : In what case did that inanimate object project feelings of homosexuality or extreme happiness? Stop that.

What words and abbreviations get on your tatas and make you an angry Pouter?

Let me know! TTYL! 



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Featured : 5 Minutes With Miss January – Imogene Meyer

Hi Poutlings!

I got a quick 5 minute interview for you all to learn a little bit more about our South African

Playboy Playmate – Miss January 2012

Imogene Meyer

Here is what she had to say!

Thank you for taking time out of your day to let our readers know a little bit more about you. So, who is Imogene Meyer?

She is a fun, loving and excited woman of strength and a lust for life. I think 99% of the time I’m an insane little energizer bunny who can’t sit still.

How long have you been modelling for? How did you get started in the industry?

I’ve been doing it for about 3 years now and a friend of mine actually got me into it by using me for a shoot when he didn’t have other models to shoot that day… The rest, as they say, is history! J But I enjoy every minute of it.

What was your audition process like for Playboy SA? How long was it before you got chosen from auditioning?

The casting process is nerve wrecking and your 1st audition is not a guaranteed title or feature in the magazine. I had my casting up here in JHB the one Monday morning before work… What a way to start the week! Running around nude in Playboy head office!
That was March last year and my feature was only given in January 2012. Keep working at it even if it’s a no the 1st time. Never say never. Be confident and typically woman… that’s the secret.

Any advice for aspiring Playmates in South Africa?

A Playmate is an inspiring and aspiring personality. Someone who is willing to work 5000% harder than the 100% she receives. Your first step is to go for a Casting. From there Playboy makes the decisions.  Just be confident and sexy in your shoot and you’ll be just fine.

How did you and your family and friends react once you found out you had been chosen to be Miss January 2012?

I am very grateful to have the most supporting family in the world. The truly are my rock. Some expected reactions from colleagues and friends. Some negative comments as well, but we roll with the punches and make each criticism a positive and work towards doing better next time.

What was your general beauty and fitness routine? Did it change any leading up to your Playboy SA photo shoot?

The beauty routine now is a lot different to what it was as I do many more events and my skin gets tired more quickly with all the make-up. My biggest and best friend is Rooibos tea bags, lukewarm on your face for half an hour a week. Also, moisturize like there’s no tomorrow ladies! Your skin can never be cared for enough. Stay out of the sun, and no: tanning is not something we all need. It’s more harmful in the long run than its worth.
Also one trick for your shoes sliding…HAIRSPRAY! It works like a charm when you bought a new pair of shoes and haven’t had time to go get the inner soles yet. ;)

If you were whisked away to a dessert island and could only take 5 products what would you choose and why?

Mascara – My eyes are my best feature
Sunscreen – No one likes sunburn
Dove Soap bar – every girl needs one
Perfume – I have to smell sexy
Lip-gloss – got to put some pouting on me at all times

Do you have a favourite hairstylist and/or makeup artist in South Africa, if so who, and why?

Charlene Warwick recently did my hair and makeup for the PMOY event and I loved it! Right now she’s my fav!/profile.php?id=1255099334

Do you have a favourite clothing international and/or local clothing designer, who and why? 

I own most of the Playboy shirts and little dresses stocked in Edgars as well as tons of Playboy intimates lingerie.
Other than that I’m such a Guess girl and I adore their clothing and bags. Lately I’m also a bargain shopper and brand or no brand, if it looks good, it’s mine!

We have an ongoing debate with the rest of the world at Pout Perfection that less is never more! Tell us, in your opinion is less ever more when it comes to making an effort with ones appearance (hair, makeup, nails, clothes, etc.)?

Less can be more…in my opinion my Playboy photoshoot proved that, but when it comes to makeup and hair, it is very important to always have a finished product and not to leave certain products out simply because you need the natural look. 50% of your hair and makeup is lost in a picture so what you see in the mirror when getting ready is twice as much as what will show in your photographs…


What is your view on false tan?

I’m extremely fair and tanning is not for me. I know many ladies do love their tan, but personally, I like to keep it natural.

What is your favourite makeup look?

Smokey eye, natural lip and vivid dark lashes

What is your preference for your nails? Natural or tips? Classic French paint or fun coloured nails?

Natural as much as possible but French mani for events.

If Hugh called you to be the next future Mrs. Hefner would you take that opportunity?

I have my own Playboy at home actually so Mr Heff will have to stand in line ;)

Lip stick or lip gloss?

Lip stick

How do you deal with the inappropriate comments from some of your male followers and was it hard to get accustomed to?

Unfortunately sometimes it happens that negative comment will come your way. As a Playmate and what that title stands for, you learn to handle it in your stride and not succumb to negativity and hurtfulness. Rudeness is also one of the biggest turn off’s in the world and I am lucky to have amazing fans that support and defend me time and time again.

Who is your biggest fan?

I have quite a few actually, but the one person that would support me title or no title is my Mom.
I do have a few fans that are dedicated like no other and to them I am also extremely grateful.  You guys know exactly who you are!

Have there been any challenges in your career as a model since posing for Playboy or has it only opened up doors for you?

I’ve only been a Playmate for a months and a bit, but the opportunities have started coming my way…

Are you tech savvy? Which team do you play for? Iphone, Blackberry or Android?

I currently have a Blackberry, but would switch to Apple in a heartbeat if they had BBM

What do you think of Pout Perfection, will we be seeing you on our blog more often?

I frequently pop onto your blog for tips and giggles and quite enjoy the content.

*fi does a happy dance*

Where can our readers find you online?

My website will be live soon so you’ll have to check out my facebook page in the meantime for updates, invites and gossip.

Facebook – Imogene Meyer Playboy Playmate January 2012

Twitter – @imogene_meyer (remember #friskyfridays !!)

Thank you Imogene for your time, we wish you only the best in your future endeavours and hope to see you around Pout Perfection more often ;)



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1, 2 and 3 Is All You Need For Your RELATIONSHIP


Hey there stunning readers.

Ok, so I wanna talk about 3 things….. These are very important things for a couple. Obviously being my own personal opinions, they’ve worked for me because I believe in these 3 “rules”.   However, when I tell people about it, they kinda feel it opened their eyes a bit.

Maybe it will make you see things differently in your relationship or just confirm a feeling.

So there are 3 things YOU MUST FEEL for your bf, gf, wife, hubby, fiancé all in all, your partner.

1) You have to LIKE them!
And no. I’m not talking about Facebook! You must just like who they are as a person.  Step back and ask yourself;  “If I weren’t romantically involved with this person, would I want to be around them?



2) You have to LOVE them!
Yes.  Love. That feeling you have, when no matter what they did, you still love them unconditionally.  You love them with their fat ass, the big beer belly and well you get the picture!



LOVE is said too much, yet not said enough. It has become an idle word.  When you mean it, it’s just amazing.

3) You have to BE IN LOVE!
If you’re not in love, then what’s the point? I’m with my bf now for 6 years and each time I just fall more and more in love with him.



My sister has been married now for 18 years, and they still in love. It’s amazing. I believe staying in love is due to effort.  Aaaaah EFFORT!  Yes, but when you do it for someone you LIKE and LOVE it doesn’t feel like effort at all.

I beautify myself… I didn’t get comfortable… I make an effort…. I praise him… I adore him…

When you’ve got that special someone, give them special attention.  Don’t get too comfortable.  Don’t be a flip-flop towards your better half!  Be a Jimmy Choo, a Louboutin and keep it that way!

Ladies, men like it when you can keep up in the aesthetic department.  Don’t roll your eyes at me! Haha.  In all honesty, do YOU feel better when you look/feel like a slob?
Men, appreciate the woman you have, if you treat her like a queen, she will treat you like a king and make the effort for you.

Right. So one last thing. You cannot have a 2 or 1 outta 3 relationship! You have to feel all three for this person! If you want to make it work, then do it! Start by you!

If you can’t love yourself, why would anyone else?

I have a 3 outta 3 for my babes!



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Makeup Trend : Think Pink

Hi Poutlings!

Do you follow any trends that appear on the catwalk? Have you noticed any trends in the models on the Louis Vutton, Nina Ricci, Ellie Saab and Chanel runways of late?

They’ve ditched the bronzer and gone back to the classic pink blusher or have really gone back to basics with dewy skin with a natural flush of blush.


This begins with your moisturizer, ensure you have a good skin care routine which will result in you putting moisturizer on your skin daily, if not twice daily.

It will result in youth boosting, and help achieve plump glowing skin for your foundation to sit on to give the skin a real smooth, radiant glow.

I recommend Catrice Photo Finish 18 Hour Foundation, a little bit goes a long way and it’s not badly priced either – available at Dischem.


Nina Ricci catwalk stood out that there was a common inspiration for all the models… DOLLS. Max Factor makeup artista Pat McGrath created radiant skin with pink sculpted cheeks.

At the Stella McCartney show, Pat McGrath, gave the “athletic” theme of the show a twist by making the models to appear modern, sporty with a super healthy appearance by using a sweep of pink.

I recommend Benefit Watt’s Up Soft Focus Highlighter for Face available at Woolworths to recreate the looks – it is a little bit pricer than your standard Clicks or Dischem Revolon and Maybelline brands, but for a little bit of extra money it is sure to last the whole day, instead of constantly having to touch up your face.

Blush up for some makeup that isn’t shy Pouters, and send us some pictures to poutperfection [at] gmail [dot] com



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Hello Amigo’s and my Amiga’s

How are you? So I’ve noticed that pin-up is really getting a lot of attention these days. Whether it be the hair, clothes, makeup or even it all together. Now I’m not claiming to be an expert on pin-up, but I had a shot at it with makeup.

Used my Studio fix foundation from M.A.C
My eyeshadows were from my INGLOT pallet.
Liquid liner from CATRICE
Blusher from NYX

The nice thing about pin-up makeup application is that it’s very simple, but striking. I opted for a neutral lip instead of a flaming red lip. It was all about the eyes for me and the style as a whole. Finding out if it suited me or not.

Eyes got a light shadow over the whole base, and a golden brown over the whole lid up to the crease. On the outer corner I defined my eyes with a darker brown colour. It’s never a pin-up without liquid liner. Give it a “cat eye” effect. Also, I applied white liner on the inside lower eye line. And loads of mascara.

I’m not going into detail now, just showing you pics… If you want I can organize a post on it in more detail.








Once I did it, I thought it suited me quite well. I shall sport it more often.

Are you into a certain style of makeup?

Here is Kandee’s video on pin-up. If you have her tutorial, you won’t need a step by step from me. She is way better. Haha. #truestory I didn’t copy her, I just went with my flow. Found her vid afterwards. Xx

kandee’s tutorial on pinup



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