I don’t know if you know who Kate Upton is?  Or do you?

 I can’t really say I think much of her.  She is this ‘model’ who is taking the modeling world and what-nots by storm.  By ‘what nots’ I mean mens minds! She has recently caused a stir by munching down on a cheesy huge burger commercial, basically promoting the consumption of fast food!  Oh dear!

 Kate has already been labeled as ‘lardy’ and ‘well-marbled’, although many women wish they had her body!

 Anyway, Kate who is 20 years old was recently the prey on a pro-anorexic website SkinnyGossip after her being in a commercial with a hunk of meat – a burger!  They actually calling it, wait for it…..CANNIBALISM!   And guess what else they said after she walked down the catwalk in swimwear?  ‘Guess who?!  Yes, it’s the lovely Kate Upton, confidently lumbering up a runways like there’s a buffet at the end of it’, and ‘She looks thick, vulgar, almost pornographic – and she is solid 30lb too heavy for this outfit”

 Ok, PLEASE DO NOT comment on the whole SKINNY, CURVY, FAT, NORMAL etc sized women yada yada.. I’m not in the mood for it.  Thanks in advance! LOL.

 Back to the post – The commercial is basically her on a bonnet of a car, she turns and looks at a tasty-looking cheeseburger and sort of makes gastronomical looking mouth-watering love to it I guess.  The website then commented by saying ‘I thought cannibalism was illegal!?!  If that’s not a very different species of cow, Kate could be in legal trouble!” OUCH for her ego me thinks!  They then questioned the fashion world senses, “Has fashion become this?”, they say she is ‘squishy’ and ‘piggy’.

 Do people actually care what any pro-anorexic website thinks after she claimed her fame on the cover of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED?  You not seeing any skeletons on the mags are you?  hmmm, maybe they jealous?


 What do I think of it?

 Honestly, the people who reeeeeally know me, know that I don’t like ANY women posing half-naked on magazines.  I have reasons for it.  Women these days have this ‘goddess’ attitudes of themselves after they’ve landed on a magazine, specially based for the (coughs) male viewers.  If the magazines didn’t exist, nether would these so-called goddesses.  So ladies, lets chiiiiiill on the ‘look at me’ attitude.  I could elaborate if I wanted to on this subject, but Im not in the mood for a debate right now.  On another note, WHO ON EARTH gives a flying crap about what some unhealthy group of tits care?  They cause sooooo much harm with their ‘starving tips of the day’ and their forum!  At least Kate looks REAL!  If anorexics really love the bones, why do they hang onto life if they so badly want to look decomposed?  They a bunch of people who feel sorry for themselves, yet are quick to criticize others!  I’ve never seen a happy anorexic!  If you are anorexic, I suggest you visit people who eat a healthy Mediterranean diet!  LOL!  At least Kate is enjoying food!

 PS:  I do not eat meat anymore,  so the fact that any form food being degraded like this is what upsets me.  Not the actual commercial.  People just see this gorgeous woman, looking all hot, eating something in a sexy way.  Promoting the consumption of fast food, and forget how it landed on their plates.  It’s from a living animal, an animal which was loaded onto a truck, forced down a line, smelling the blood and hearing the cries of the other cows before it.  A life lost for a mere processed taste!  I’m not against meat eaters, just against the fact people WASTE food containing animal derivatives, and don’t APPRECIATE how it became a mere product.  You can make it look as sexy as you want, not gonna make me eat it ever again!  




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