This is absolutely shocking! As from 2007 Jael Strauss has been living as a homeless person since appearing on AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL. 2006 winner CariDee English blames the shows’ executives for not evaluating Jael more before allowing her to take part. But plus size winner Whitney Thompson disagrees. You can’t blame producers for someone’s personal decisions. (I agree with that.)

This is seriously sad! If you look at the images of her appearing on Dr Phil and what she looks like now after this meth addiction, it’s shocking! Here is the link to watch the episode on YouTube Jael Strauss meth addiction Dr Phil

To me, doesn’t matter who’s to blame. All one can learn from this is to look at the images and realize that taking drugs is horrible. Drugs is a demon and one should NOT destroy ones life over drugs or an asshole demon. You fight demons!!! You have to!

Here are some of the images of Jael before and after her meth use!










I hope that she realizes that this is not a life! However, meth users recovering from their addiction is almost unheard of.

God bless all those stuffing their lives up with this disease and of course their families which have to see their loves ones suffering from drug addiction!



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5 responses to “OMG JAEL STRAUSS’S METH FACE!!!

  1. I have no sympathy, 99.9% of the users know exactly what they are getting in to and they know how it will end!

  2. Heeebiejeeeeebies!
    Bless her, I don’t really know what else to say….

  3. Oh this is so sad… I watched the series she was in and she is unrecognisable now! :( I hope she can get well.

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