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Dermaceutic Sun Ceutic

DERMACEUTICLooking at sunscreens on offer can be daunting. What do you need to look for when choosing the correct sunscreen for your specific needs? This needs to be addressed on an individual needs basis and the one I’m eyeing recently for an upcoming trip to Italy is yet another Dermaceutic product, this time in their Protect range. Sun Ceutic 50, this sunscreen lives up to the promise of all Dermaceutic products and boasts the fact that it is safe to be used after chemical peels, laser treatments, cosmetic surgery and injecitons. All of which have a high intensity of treatment on the skin and makes the skin vulnerable and prone to pigmentation if the correct protection is not applied to the skin when exposed to the suns damaging UVA and UVB rays. Regardless of the fact of whether you have had any skin procedures the sun rays can also cause fine lines, wrinkles and there is truly nothing worse than sunburn so skin needs lots of protection from the elements.

I have yet to try the product but as having such successful results from Dermaceutic The Stimulating Night Cream and Dermaceutic Regen Ceutic (review to follow soon).

The Dermaceutic active key ingridients in the Sun Ceutic include:

Zinc Oxide

Promoting healing of skin, also has some antiseptic properties.

Titanium dioxide

A physical suncreen that reflects UV light before it can damage skin. Reducing the risk of sunburn which are associated with increased risk of melanoma (the deadliest form of skin cancer).

Hyaluronic Acid 1%

This is naturally produced by the body and the average human has approximately 15 grams of hyaluronan in the body, one-third which is “turned over” every day. Because of it occuring naturally in the body it has to be one of the most interesting ingredients in skin care, by adding some extra into your skincare routine the additonal hyaluronic acid secures moisture and creates fullness – resulting in naturally youthful fuller skin.

Aloe Vera

Benefits of Aloe Vera are not just old wives tales, its healing qualities along with soothing qualities make it one of the best ingridients for sensitve skin to build a strong barrier function and sooth aggrivated and dry skin.

30ml sells for R400 and is available from seleced Clinics and Salons, for a stockist near you please contact Conquest.

Follow DermaceuticSA on Twitter and Facebook.

x flea143

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A Little Burlesque

A couple of weeks ago I told you about the launch of the MUD Showroom in Claremont, Cape Town and I purchased some gorgeous new additions for my face. Well, following this I just had to play and I added a little bit of a razzle dazzle with some of MUD lipstick in Burlesque on my lips.

MUD Burlesque

This lipstick is absolutely to die for! It is a matte deep red cherry colour which is highly pigmented. Due to the fact that the lipstick is matte, is has a long staying power and regular touch ups are not necessary.

Even while eating and drinking the colour stays prominent on the lips without fading or wiping off easily. Obviously there are a few lip stick stains on a glass or if you have just applied your lippie then you might smudge it if you go and kiss your beau, but that being said once a couple of hours rolls round you sort of feel that you should maybe check your lips only to be surprised and find out that they are still the same colour as when you left the house which is a total bonus.

I would rate the MUD lipstick range with a better staying power than MAC lipstick, the lipsticks are not as creamy in texture in comparison but they are still moisturising and incredibly effective to rock a bold or natural lip for any occasion.

The lipsticks retail for R210 and are available from MUD South Africa distributors and stockists nationwide, for the nearest to you have a look on their website here.

x flea143

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Candle Revolution

Soy LitesAbout 6 months ago at an event I got given a different product to the normal what I usually recieve. This product was a candle, but to be specific, it was a Soy Lites candle. It has taken me so long to get round to using it because I must be honest I was a bit sceptical about using it. It was something out of the ordinary for me and what I normally do (which is rarely use any sort of body lotions apart from in the cold winter months) and with me going away soon on an overseas adventure to where it is definitely going to be the midst of summer and skin will be on show, I decided to take the plunge and actually try this revolutionary candle out.

Essentially, it is as simple as it sounds, a candle which is made from 100% soy oil and oure essential oils. The only thing is that the candle has skin moisturising benefits – you heard me right, a candle which moisturises your skin but it does not do this via osmosis in the air. Upon the candle burning the Soy Lites produce a pool of soft, warm, creamy oil, which while the candle is still burning you can pour from the glass container slowly into your hand and then apply all over your body slowly massaging it into your skin. It is not boiling hot as one would expect, it is just a perfect temperature. This oil is not overly greasy or waxy in texture, it is really smooth and is the ideal temperature for a massage or even to be used a daily moisturiser (which I believe might be too much fuss for me but I know some people love lavishing stuff onto themselves after bathing/showering).

Soy Lites are nauturally rich in Vitamin E and lecithin which is said to be of therpeutic benefit for those with cracked and dry skin or eczema or psoriasis.Soy Lites - How To

The Soy Lites candle which I have been using was the Harmony moisturing range which has essences of Rose, Geranium and Jasmine which smells absolutely divine but there is another 7 moisturising ranges using all different concoctions of different essential oils for everyone’s personal taste. I think the next one I will try will have to be the Decadence Moisturising range as it has my 2 favourite essential oils which are Vanilla and Ylang Ylang.

The candles retail on the Soy Lites website for R145.00 each and I have recently seem them for sale in Stuttafords and various pop up kiosks in shopping malls and I believe are a unique present and a gorgeous idea for bridal shower gift as it has a touch of hidden sexy without being over the top.

x flea143

Disclaimer: This product was given to me as a gift at an event I attended late last year, this has in no way altered my view of this product in anyway.

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Classic Skincare the Optiphi Way

Optiphi Restore TherapyMy experiences with Optiphi only get more and more enjoyable. From a brand I just knew a name and nothing about, the pleasure of having being introduced to the ladies behind the Cape Town marketing side late last year has made me be completely intrigued by their wonderful and sophisticated approach to skincare.

My first ever encounter was with their Refine-Foliant, which I received in a goodie bag and was so excited to use it in this particular goodie bag I also received the Restore Therapy which I had yet to use until very recently.  I am actually craving to get my paws on another bottle of the Refine-Foliant as it is really amazing stuff. My second encounter with the brand didn’t fail to disappoint and that was with their body care range Body Curve Body Lotion which has been my skin saviour this winter.

For the past few weeks I have been using their wonderful night cream from their Classic Skincare range, called Restore Therapy. It is a dermal restoration moisturiser and it has taken me so long to use it because I have never really battled with dry skin until starting my course of skincare peels.  With the cold weather, and peeling my skin has not been feeling itself and I feel like when I was looking in the mirror my face was screaming dehydration at me. The Classic Skincare range by Optiphi is said to ensure healthy skin by reinstating moisture and redefining skin architecture. The Refine-Foliant is actually also part of the Classic Skincare range too. It is not normal for me to be craving moisture products for my face but because of the dehydration what an amazing product to use to restore the moisture. I started using the Restore Therapy because I do have complete faith in Optiphi living up to their promises, and I have not been disappointed. I also could not leave this gorgeous bottle unattended any longer and had to start smothering my face with this divine moisturiser. The product has breathed a new life of moisture back into my skin and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth.

Restore Therapy moisturiser activates a cascade of effects that restore skin density, supports your skincare structure, promotes elasticity, activates collagen and replenishes lost moisture.

The bottle is huge and a little goes a long way, it is a night cream as they do not have any SPF in the product but in the Classic Skincare range they have a moisturiser called Complete Therapy which is said to work hand in hand with this night cream. The product retails between R650 – R900 and is available at selected salons nationwide. For more information on stockists please contact Optiphi.

Don’t forget to check out Optiphi’s website, Twitter @Optiphi and Facebook.

x flea143

Disclaimer: This product was given to me in a goodie bag from the #CTBloggerMeet in January 2014. This has in no way altered my view of the product in anyway.

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Dermaceutic Stimulating Night Cream

TurnoverSince I am only really starting to embrace the Cosmeceutical side of life since being introduced to peels from Dermaceutic, I was interested in their line of products for at home use. I was given two 3ml sized testers of the Turn Over Stimulating Night Cream which is said to promote skin turnover and reduce the appearance of signs of aging. Turn over is recommended to treat the loss of skin tone, wrinkles and fine lines.

Upon the application of the product at night after cleansing and toning I could certainly feel the active ingredients working on my skin. The formula is light and doesn’t leave a hint of greasy feeling on your skin,  while it has a slight tingle feel to it but nothing to worry about as this product contains a formula of concentrated glycolic acid (15%) which removes dead cells that build up on the skin’s surface and stimulates cellular renewal for the quest for forever young and beautiful skin. Due to the acidic content the product almost smells like chemicals but it is not a strong smell and disappears quickly.

Because I am so far from being an expert on all things cosmeceutical, here is the explanation from Dermaceutic on what the 15% Glycoluc Acid Solution will do for your skin.

“Reduces corneocyte cohesion of the keratin layer of the skin, enabling homogeneous exfoliation of upper layers. By removing dead cells from the skins surface, the signs of aging are less visible, the skin appears smoother and complexion is more homogeneous.”

Upon waking up in the morning after day 2 of using this my skin felt firmer, brighter and ready to take on the day face forward! The best way I can understand this product is that it essentially makes you shed all the unwanted dead skin cells over night, like a mini-overnight peel, so that you can face the following day with poise and finesse all while having incredible skin with a youthful glow.

The recommended retail price for a full size product is R500 for 50ml and is available at selected spas and salons nationwide. For more information on the at home skincare available from Dermaceutic, please contact Conquest.

x flea143

Disclaimer: This product was given to me as a sample, this has in no way altered my view of the product in anyway.

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Dermaceutic Milk Peel

{I’ve Tried That} ♥ Dermaceutic Turn Over Stimulating Night Cream

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