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Introducing Zoya Nail Products

Hello Poutlings

Well it’s almost the long weekend! Yay!

Today I want to tell about a new nail care range from Zoya.

I was recently invited to one of the product launches hosted by Isma Theron de Wit (who also by the way is an awesome makeup artist) .

I was very pleasantly surprised by this product. As I am very hard wearing when it comes to nail polishes and very few of them actually stay on my nails for more than half a day, this is one of those very products that actually lasts and looks gorgeous.

Zoya was created by Ms Zoya Reyzis and her husband afterthought left native Russia in 1979 to make the US their new home. They decided to make a new line of nail treatments after she fell pregnant and showed sings of allergy towards her regular nail products.

Zoya obtained her cosmetology license and together with her husband, an advanced chemist they set about creating this new line of long wearing toxin-free polish.

Their collection of close to over 500 shades of lacquer is completely free of toluene, formaldehyde, DPB and camphor and formaldehyde resin. These ingredients are found in traditional nail polishes.

As this brand was the first to be “big 5 free” you can rest assured that it is also safe for pregnant mums to use.

As the lacquers are based on demand, you can be assured that your bottle is fresh and new and has not been mass produced and left on a shelf to try and thicken. The bottles are made of Italian glass and the brushes are Spanish, their products are packed in the US and none of their products are made in China.

These are just some of the colors:




Not only do they have nail polishes, but they also have lip glosses, lip therapies, lip plumpers, hand and foot treatments and spa treatments.

These are my favorite colors:


Especially the purple, it’s a gorgeous Matt color and doesn’t chip very easily like most matt colors do.

I am really excited to see this product grow in SA and become very popular. Based on their marketing exposure that they have been getting in all the top magazines ( Lucky, Women’s Health, In Style, People, and other blogs) they are really going strong and definitely are not having problems.

Be sure to follow them on Twitterverse : zoya_fairy_pta
Facebook Zoya SA

Best of all, Zoya is cruelty free!


So go have a look and have a very colorful weekend!

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Product review ~ Renokin Lash Lash

Hello Poutlings

Disclaimer: this product was sent to me for review purposes, however bear in mind this has not altered my view of this product in any way.

I hope you are all keeping warm and safe with this rainy weather.

I was sent the Renokin Lash Lash eyelash enhancer for review.
Firstly, I do love the packaging, though I like anything in earthy tones.


Product description:

eyelash enhancer enriched with peptide complex. Helps to improve the appearance of natural lash length, fullness and thickness.

The product is a colorless, odorless gel that you apply with a small brush to your upper lash line at least once a day, after washing your face of course. It does give a soft tingly feeling after a few seconds but I’m afraid that ladies who are sensitive to most products might not like the tingling and might interpret it as an irritation or burning sensation.


I have used this product for a month now and sadly I cannot say that I have seen any change in the condition of my lashes, except for actually getting an ingrown eyelash though I doubt this was caused by the product.

I’m sorry to say, but this product is not a winner for me. If any of you Poutlings have however tried it and had good results, please let us know.

Love and light!

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All Round Handbag Must Haves

hello Poutlings

I probably won’t be doing a “What’s in NFNT’s bag post as I probably have the smallest bag with the most things in it lol

So instead I’ll do a Must Haves post.

I’ve recently developed a little addiction towards Catrice Cosmetics. I was first introduced to it by a friend who had a beautiful soft pink lippie that I thought would be gorgeous on brides.

I have quite a few of their products and love them as much as Lady Hellfire loves the Essence Cosmetics range. For those who didn’t know, Catrice is the sister product range of Essence.

So here’s my handbag must-have for today:

Catrice Eyebrow Set


This is a very cute little magic box. As you know we are quite pedantic about eyebrows and this should be our little secret. This cute little box folds open to reveal a tiny mirror and 2 eyebrow powder shades. They are perfect for filling in your brows whether you have dark or light brows and it looks very natural.

I love both the shades as the lighter one is perfect for slight touch ups and blondes.


The best thing about this cute little box? It has a hidden little drawer that holds a mini tweezers for those unruly brows and a little mini comb and brush so you always have it on hand when you need to quickly fix a brow or two.


So go forth little Poutlings, go get yourself some at your nearest Dischem for only R54.95

Lots of love

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Satiskin launches Limited Edition



Satiskin, South Africa’s number one foam bath brand has launched a limited edition holiday fragrance for the festive season, available November 2013. The cinnamon and spices fragrance of the moisturising crème foam bath evokes pleasurable memories with hints and tones of the holiday season.

Karen Kohler, Satiskin brand manager says that the fragrance was chosen as it immediately creates pleasant and decadent connotations. This festive season Satiskin wants women to treat themselves or that someone special to the Cinnamon & Spices Limited Edition 1 litre foam bath. A gift card accompanies the pearlised foam bath, making it an ideal present, perfect for that woman who needs to relax and be pampered.

“As the holidays approach and the year winds up we all need that ‘little something’ to treat ourselves,” says Karen. “When women open the Satiskin Cinnamon & Spices foam bath and pour the rich golden liquid into the bath the fragrance is released, leaving them no choice but to relax and indulge in the moment.”

The golden shimmering liquid of the Cinnamon & Spices foam bath is pH balanced and will leave the skin feeling silky smooth.

Recommended retail price R34.99


If you love Cinnabons, this could be the calorie free way of getting your cinnafix…
Cinnamon & Spices

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Satiskin Event – Fragrances that ignite the senses

Hello Poutlings!

Lady Hellfire and I were recently invited to a press day at the Mane Fragrance House to attend a press day for Satiskin who introduced us to their new products to be launched for the festive season.

When selecting a fragrance for Satiskin’s range of bath time and hand wash products, the brand chose an international fragrance house that understood the importance of smell to women. The globally acclaimed Mane fragrance house established in 1871 is the creator of numerous Satiskin fragrances, and as sensations enthusiasts they are one of Satiskin’s chosen fragrance partners.

We were given an overview of how fragrances are created and how the elements all work together to create that perfect fragrance.

“Whether we enhance people’s daily experiences or create timeless fragrances, we capture what moves,” says MANE Director of Fragrances for South Africa, Olivier Cebe.  “At MANE, we create emotions by embodying our inspiration into our creations through innovation and technology.”  MANE perfumers based at creative centres around the world are able to select the best raw materials, the finest and most unique specialty ingredients and combine these with biotechnologies and synthetic molecules to create MANE’s next generation of fragrances.

Afterwards we were given a quick tour of the facilities by Oliver Cebe – MANE Director of Fragrances.

Olivier Cebe explaining the  Frangrance developing lab at MANE HQ

Olivier Cebe explaining the Frangrance developing lab at MANE HQ

Drawers and drawers full of fragrance ingedtiens

Drawers and drawers full of fragrance ingedtiens

The GC System acts like a digital nose to evaluate al the frangrances within a perfume or product making the job of identifying which fragrances are in a product.

The GC System acts like a digital nose to evaluate al the frangrances within a perfume or product making the job of identifying which fragrances are in a product much easier than in the old days.

and then another presentation by Karen who introduced the new ranges to be launched for the festive season.

iphone 8 sept 13 814

Karen says that another important element when choosing a fragrance is to understand that people have different preferences.  Our sense of smell creates strong emotions and passion.  Satiskin together with acclaimed fragrance houses identify fragrant trends based on the latest combinations, popular ingredients and creativity.  “Satiskin understands what women want from their bath time experience and the very important role that fragrance plays in their indulgence.”

satiskin products

All in all it was a very informative day and the fact that we met the only female perfumist, Fabienne Bourhis, in South Africa, made it an even more special day.

We are very thankful for the information sharing sessions. We look forward to reviewing some of the products we received in due time.

Have a pouty perfect day!

Photos by NFNT

Block quotes: Satiskin Press Release

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