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Guest Contribution : Gourmet Recipes for the Grill

Go beyond grilling the ubiquitous hotdogs and hamburgers before the year ends and continue the “tradition” in 2014. Expand your culinary repertoire and venture into the world of gourmet recipes to include grilled chicken, calamari, vegetables, lobster, lamb, shrimp and even pizza! The smoky flavour, the delectable aroma and the succulent taste are qualities of grilled food that have relegated anything flame-cooked as either good or bad.

Gourmet 1

Over the past years, grilled food has taken some bad rap, but this is mainly because the meats being grilled don’t have their fat portions trimmed and are therefore short of being considered as healthy food recipes that are high in calories, cholesterol, and saturated fats. And then there are the PAHs or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and the HCAs or heterocyclic amines, compounds that have the potential to cause cancer.

The Downside of Grilling: It can be Avoided

HCAs are formed when poultry, fish, and red meat meet high heat temperatures directly such as those in grilling. When meat fat drips onto hot flaming coals or the grill element during cooking, PAHs are formed and subsequently deposited on the food itself because of the rising smoke that penetrates the food being grilled.

That said, there are some ways to counter the adverse effects of HCAs and PAHs when grilling food. After all, grilled food is a healthier choice because there is no dripping grease or batter coating. Below are some recommendations which may be considered before embarking on a grilling spree.

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Hey there Dahlings.

How are you?

Last night hubby and I had his parents over for dinner. Served, was lasagna and salad. It was so delicious if I can say so myself. Here is a photo of our table setting.


I had two empty wine bottles that I kept this past weekend, and used them as candelabras.

How about that? It’s so different and brings a whole different look to a table. I absolutely love it.

Next tip? Jars! No need to throw jars away again. I like to keep mine, wash them and if you’re having trouble getting that stubborn sticky gluey label off, just spray on some wood varnish spray on and scrub off. Easy peasy.

Jars can be reused for refilling things like olives, sun dried tomatoes, sauces, etc. Add some ribbon on it and there you have it. A pretty holder.

Here are two other uses for a jars. Makeup brushes and cutlery.





And of course, I use a jar for all my ribbon. :)

What do you think?

MuchLuv, BeBlessed


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DIY Valentine’s day Gifts / Snacks

So I have two more Product posts I have to share with you and they are both Valentine’s day Related,

Therefore before I continue to them I though I’d share some DIY V-day gifts and all things Red and Love related lol

Believe it or Not but I have already made my Viking a little DIY for the Red day thank’s to to much time on my hands and the evil of Pintrest.

DIY V-day Gifts:

52 Reasons I love you

52This is such a cute gift, I did Something similar except I made a paper box and wrote the reasons in there and filled it with a bunch of paper cut out hearts lol

This is still very easy and sentimental though, for the full Tutorial please visit PaperVine


This image is protected by Copyright -


vThis is a very sweet idea, I  recently went to buy herbs as I’m starting my own little indoor herb garden,

I would most definitely love this as a gift be it on V-day or not, So if your loved one has green fingers be sure to stop by Martha Stewards site for the full tutorial to see how you can make this and what you’ll need.

Valentine Bear

Who doesn’t love a cuddly bear on V-day?

bear2How flippen adorable is this little guy?

I definitely want to make this at some point, I think this is a great idea if you have Children,

It will make an awesome Valentines gift but also just a great gift in general.

I’ve glanced over the “How to” and it seems easy enough, If you enjoy Crochet and hand sewing for that matter please visit All About Ami for the complete tutorial on how to make your very own bear :) Continue reading

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Kitchen Fun. . .Banana and Oats cookies

Good afternoon Poutlings,

I trust you are all doing well, had a great weekend and loving the rain :)

So I have a few Beauty product posts I’d like to share with you all but thought i’d slip in another kitchen one seeing as the last one was beauty related.

I got to make my very healthy and Fit Viking Banana and Oats cookies last week,

He loved them so much that it is now a daily thing and he has them as snacks between meals,

So if you would like to try them, Keep reading :)




2 x Large Banana’s

1 cup of Oats

1 1/2 cup of Whey Protein  (optional, I added Cinnamon pancake for flavor and that extra bit of protein which is perfect to take to gym or snack on before, during or after)

You can also add Almonds, peanuts, raisins and all kinds of things you enjoy, I stuck to the simple one due to a strict diet :)


1. Preheat oven to 175°C

2. Mash the Bananas in a large bowl, add the oats and whichever mix-ins you’d like, I added the Whey Protein.

3. Using your hands or an ice cream spoon, Make little round balls and place them on either a greased pan or a pan covered with parchment paper, You can either flatten them or keep them round, I did however flatten them by pressing them down with a spoon as it’s easier to eat then.

4. Bake for 12 to 15 Minutes

5. Enjoy

This is such an incredibly quick, easy, healthy and delicious snack, Please let me know if you’ve tried them, what you’ve added and how you liked them :)

Source: Delicous, Easy, Fast & Healthy Recipes for Cooks at Home


Happy Pouting.




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Hey hey there.

…So my sister phones me and tells me about this recipe and how amazing it was. It was a pinterest pic I found a long while back, which I had posted on our Facebook page. She tried it out and let me know how great it turned out and that I just had to make them too.

It’s a recipe that consists of two ingredients. Bananas and eggs. These two ingredients make flapjacks. Yes! It’s true! However, adding a tablespoon or two of flour (wheat based/gluten free) will make it a lot better to bind and obviously turn over on the pan. Give it a little substance.

Here are pictures of how mine turned out.


You’ll need:
1) a blender
2) two bananas
3) one egg
4) two tablespoons of flour (one spoon for every banana you use)






My sister asked our dietitian (Amanda Kuit) what she had to say about this recipe. Apparently it equals to one fruit portion and 30gr protein portion. The small amount of flour used doesn’t even count as a starch. And that one person can eat all flapjacks made from this batter! How fabulous is that?

So I made these and served it to hubby! He really enjoyed them! They’re filling, naturally sweet and healthy! I’ll definitely be making these again!

So please pop a comment below of you’re planning on making them and how they turn out. Would love to hear from you. :)

MuchLuv, BeBlessed


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