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Getting to know the EDL team: TANYA – MUA

Getting to know the EDL Hair & Beauty Studio on Lynnwood team…


1)  What do you do at the salon?

I’m a makeup artist and manager.

2)  How long have you been in your profession?

5 years.

3)  What do you love most about your job?

I love having the knowledge to make a masterpiece out of something so simple.

4)  What are your top 5 recommended products at the EDL salon?

  • Dr Babor skin range
  • Ultra foundation
  • DMC fixing powder 
  • HD makeup primer
  • Kryolan eye shadows

5)  What qualities do you bring to the EDL salon?

My unchartered skills as a makeup artist and my wide product knowledge.

6)  What trend do you see coming to the hair and beauty industry this winter season?

Much more drama, darker colors and bigger and better hair!

7)  Can you give the readers your top 5 beauty tips?

  • Take total care of your skin with great skin care products
  • Enhance your beauty with good foundation
  • Ensure coverage with an excellent primer
  • Always set your foundation to ensure a longer lasting stay
  • Always keep the makeup as natural as possible

8)  What makes YOU different to other makeup artists in the industry?

I have great experience and a wide spectrum in the makeup art. My skills are also what sets me apart.

9)  What can you tell the readers about the EDL salon and management team?

They’ve done an amazing job at creating a hall of beauty.

10)  Tell us a fun fact about yourself?

I am very loud and outspoken.

Tanya (in black) with her special effects makeup models at the EDL and Kryolan Launch Party

Tanya’s full body makeup models at the EDL & Kryolan launch party

Me with Niven, one of the full makeup body models at the EDL & Kryolan launch party. (Niven is also a makeup artist at MAC in Sandton)

                    Find Tanya at the EDL Hair & Beauty Studio on Lynnwood and book her for special effects makeup, bridal, makeup events and anything makeup related.

MuchLuv, BeBlessed


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What is the latest craze in the makeup industry? What’s the one word you hear in almost every makeup tutorial?  


So I did a makeup application in which I didn’t contour at all.  I did however shape my brows as I cannot embrace those misshapen things, plus I didn’t apply any falsies.

So this is what I ended up with.

Here is my CONTOUR-LESS look!

Applying foundation


My Nina joining in on the fun!

Nina is such a diva!

So I have on: Foundation, mascara, blush, shaped brows, lipstick.

             I think overall this look is good for an everyday easy application.  Look, I enjoy wearing falsies on a daily basis, even if it’s just on the outer half of my lash line .  I doubt I’ll go falsie-less on a permanent basis.

The whole post is about not contouring, and I think, I can embrace it.  Unlike many women, I don’t mind my big nose at all.  It doesn’t function whatsoever… having chronic sinusitis and all, but it’s there.  Anyway, would I stop contouring all together? Nope!  I think contouring is great!  Remember when every makeup artist would tell you to blend, blend and blend in their tutorials and so forth?  Well, that still holds true, but if you’re into contouring, please do it properly and BLEND  the CONTOUR.

And if you don’t contour at all, well, that’s your decision.  It’s not the end of the world if you’re indeed a minimalistic makeup user.

If you ARE into CONTOURING, please learn from the best makeup artist, Samer Khouzami and celebs like Lilly Ghalichi.

Here are some of my previous makeup ‘tutorials’ :

Sandy’s Foundation,

Rubywoo & CONTOURING look,

Blue Eyeshadow,

Pigment Pink & Purple eyes,

Blend Blend Blend.


Sandy Nouwens

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Wallpaper is a hot 2015 trend in interior design. I know, I know, the word wallpaper also raises a lot of thoughts in my mind of all the old houses I used to frequent in the UK and always used to think… yuck this stuff is so out-dated…. It has made the proverbial comeback, think of platform shoes but with more of a serious impact. This trend from the 1970’s is changing the game in interior design.groovy

We all know, without a doubt that the best music and care-free groovy living came from the 70s. Can you tell I was born in the wrong era? Hippies, free love, big hair, free spirits, flowers in hair, the best music festivals and let’s not forget… wall paper! Not necessarily in that order, but you understand where I’m going with this…

Well, Skinny laMinx and Robin Sprong have changed the ball game in wall paper and collaborated resulted in the newly launched the PARADISE IS HERE wallpaper collection.

Let your eyes feast on the wonderful designs which can only add to your interior design but combining classic and modern in the same setting to create super stylish and comfortable spaces.

01-Week-SHOP-Wallpaper_Airborne_sage 01-Week-SHOP-Wallpaper_Airborne_tarmac 01-Week-SHOP-Wallpaper_Palmetto_pinenutYou can read about the collaboration on the Skinny laMinx blog and view all the designs on the Robin Sprong website.

Happy decorating xx flea143


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Chocolate cream eclairs


125ml water
60gr butter
70gr flour
1ml salt (if unsalted butter was used)
2 extra large eggs 

Place water and the butter in a medium sized saucepan. Allow butter to melt. Don’t let the water boil.
Remove from heat. 

Add the flour and salt and return to hear and stir quickly until dough comes together in the centre and comes off the sides. 

Remove from heat for about 5 min. 
Add the eggs in one at a time and stir well after each addition until dough is stiff again. 

Place tablespoon dollops on a greased tray or use a piping bag for longer shapes. 
Bake in a preheated oven at 200degC for 10 minutes and then reduce to 180degC and bake for another 15 min. 

Switch off and leave to cool in the oven or you can take it out after 20 min or so. 

Only cut in half once they’re totally cooled. Melt chocolate (100gr) and dip the tops into the chocolate. 

Whip about 250ml cream and icing sugar together to taste. Fill the pastry. Add the chocolate covered tops and you’re done! 





MuchLuv, BeBlessed


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