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Curling Hair for Dummies

Remember the series of books [insert subject matter here] for Dummies? Well, the solution to curling hair has been brought to us by BABYLISS. No more weird and wonky curls courtesy of your straightener or burning your hands on curling wands or curling irons or getting hair stuck in rollers. One machine will fix all of that.

This year I have had a new toy to play with when it comes to dressing up. I have been happily using, the Babyliss PRO Mira Curl Iron, which I was first shown by my wonderful hairdresser and he told me I had to get my paws on it before embarking on a holiday to the UK. Long story short, when I got to the UK they were completely sold out and I was sad… until I got given one as a gift a few months later.

What is the Mira Curl Iron, you ask?

It is the professional perfect curling machine.

Curl Secret

This is how it works…

When showing people my curly hair, which is completely out of hair-character for me, they all want to know how I achieve curls that actually stay in my dead straight hair. This is my secret and up until recently, I thought it would be an expensive one. I am not sure as I didn’t purchase it but I believe they sell in the region of R2,500.

Babyliss, released a home use version which is far more affordable at about half the price of the Mira Curl machine. This home-use machine is called the Babyliss Curl Secret, and encompasses the majority of what I believe to be the important features of the Mira Curl which is perfect for home use. The price for the Curl Secret is R1,499.00 and is available exclusively at selected Clicks stores.

What is the Curl Secret, you ask?

It is the personal perfect curling machines.

Curl Secret

This is how it works…

Both of these machines have been many years in production to make attaining the perfect curl achievable for even the most hair-style-skilled individuals. They both have a built in mechanism which eliminates hair becoming stuck within the chamber and it really works. I have been petrified many times when using my MiraCurl that my hair will be stuck in the machine forever, but just releasing the grip automatically drops all hair. It is like magic as that drop contains a perfect curl. Further to this they both have a built in additional safety feature of motion control which makes the machines switch off automatically and go into sleep mode, if they are accidently left on. No burnt counter tops or house fires like those when a hair straightener is left on by accident!

The difference between MiraCurl and the Curl Secret?

The MiraCurl, being the professional machine has a few added features that the Curl Secret does not. They are minimal, but in the grand scheme of doing lots of heads of hair they do count. For example there is an instant heat up of the MiraCurl, whereas the Curl Secret has a 30 second delay. The MiraCurl also has 4 timer settings and there is greater curl control where curls can fall in 3 directions, where the Curl Secret only has 3 timer settings and curls can only fall in one direction.

I foresee a great trend of the MiraCurl being the most sought-after hair tool this time for Christmas presents this year.

xo flea143

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Skin – Body – Health – Hair Renewal

SKIN BODY HEALTH RENEWALBy now, I am sure you have come across the growing chain of Skin Renewal clinics, which have further branched into Body Renewal, Health Renewal and Hair Renewal. A complete medical with a touch of aesthetician approach to being the best possible you that you can. After attending the launch of the new IV infusions administered by a registered nurse on offer from Health Renewal, Victor explained how the expansion from Skin Renewal to incorporate Body, Health and Hair solutions came about. He explained it simply with a metaphor saying that our skin is like a dashboard of the car and when the lights come up on the dashboard, it doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with the light that is now shining, rather that there is something wrong with the car. Skin Renewal realised there is a gap in the market for available solutions to underlying conditions which reflect on the surface of the skin, which can only be zapped by a laser so many times which makes them disappear before they come back due the underlying cause of the problem being left untreated.

Instead of being treating for multiple conditions with different specialists the medical assistance offered from the Health Renewal clinics ensures that there will be constant communications from doctors to doctors and nurses to nurses which will be much like the communication within a hospital environment but these doctors work hand in hand together and understand each other. The purpose of Health Renewal and all of their offerings is simple, to treat causes – not symptoms. Health Renewal is not to make sick people better but rather to make you as well as you can be.

IVAbout IV Infusions on Offer at Health Renewal

Intravenous therapy, otherwise known as IV therapy is the infusion of liquid substances directly into a vein. Intravenous means “within vein”. This sounds a lot scarier than it really is simply because it involves needles and when I first read about it I thought I’d spent enough time in a hospitals with drips in my arm to even consider having my own IV infusions.  The liquid substances being directly infused into your blood system are vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants in order to correct intracellular nutrient deficiencies and help various health concerns. It is a more effective why than popping a vitamin because oral consumption of vitamins and minerals is affected and limited by factors which include the condition of the gut as well as stress and anxiety levels. After watching Victor be the test dummy and demonstrate while having the nurse how simple and easy this procedure was, I felt a lot more at ease and thought to myself, well I could do that, if it would make me feel better. Truth is, at Health Renewal, an IV Infusion is almost guaranteed to do so. Health Renewal customise the infusions to a personal note in order to combine the correct cocktail of ingredients just for you. There is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to IV infusions.

There are various cocktails of infusions available at Health Renewal including but not limited to:

  • Skin Brightening Infusion Cocktail
  • Health/Hair/Skin/ Nails Infusion Cocktail
  • Chronic Stress Infusion Cocktail
  • Detoxification/ Anti Oxidation/ Organ Cleansing Infusion Cocktail
  • Hangover Recovery Infusion cocktail
  • Anti Viral Infusion Cocktail
  • Super Immune Infusion Cocktail
  • Athletes Performance/ Vitality Cocktail
  • Healthy Heart Cocktail Infusion

Dr. Fred at the event explained that you are what you eat but you are also what you digest and absorb. If the digestive system is absorbing impurities eventually your system will hold onto things ad eventually it clogs up your system. Your stomach and gut are critical as they are linked to every part of your body. Probiotics are essential for everyone but the capsules are not 100% successful. A probiotic is a complex science and they can get destroyed so easily. This is why IV infusions internationally have had such acclaim in terms of wellness benefits and the trends are gradually increasing on our shores because we cannot rely so heavily on our guts when there are other crucial influencing factors in ensuring we are receiving the correct nutrients 100% of the time.

Health Renewal boasts that the average age of their customers has shifted from over 40 years old to early 30’s…. This means that the consumer need for medical guidance for everything relating to general well being has shifted to be prioritised a younger age, which is the poster child for prevention being better than a cure.

If you’re intrigued, I dare you to find out more and visit a Health Renewal near you for you to start on your investment to prolonged wellness.

Visit Health Renewal’s website, Facebook and Twitter for more information.

x flea143

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Annoying Beauty Sales Tactics

Sales PitchWe are closer to Christmas now and this is going to be happening even more so I have a bit of a rant to share today but please bear with me because I believe that this needs to stop. Have you ever walked into a shopping centre and been swarmed by sales people that want to rub creams on your hands and buff your nails? Yeah, I think we all have and if you haven’t – you’re doing something right and please teach me how you have managed to get this far in life without this happening to you. I need to point out its not only skin/nail care as a few years back there was a makeup brand that claimed to be better than Bobbi Brown doing the same thing but they seem to have died a slow death. Anyway, I digress, each time, the sales pitch is similar, “Oh look at how beautiful *insert part of your body here* is, do you know that if you use *insert over priced item here* that your skin/body/hair will be even more beautiful?”.  The most amazing things about these sales pitches is how much the sales person genuinely “likes” you and can almost drop 75% off the price as long as you don’t tell anyone else. I kid you not, a product that normally retails for R2,100 and if you buy it today and promise to use it, you can buy for R450 – but don’t tell anyone about it. STOP RIGHT THERE. That intially upsets me. A price should be the price. When I buy good quality products I am not interesting in bartering with the sales person. My skin is worth more than flea market tactics of sales. I know about my skincare. I use quality products. When you mention this to them they look at you say “… but *insert brands name here that they are trying to sell* is 100% organic/nautual/made of diamonds and is better for your skin than *whatever good well known brand you just mentioned to them that you use and love*.”.

I am NOT sold. Secondly, I am NOT interested. The products retail online for half the price of the original price you tried to tell me.

TRYING SO HARDLet me tell you about what happened to me after doing grocery shopping the other day. The day before this I had gone for a second peel and my skin had flared up slightly and I had a lot of spots. Because of this, I was not wearing any makeup in order to try and calm my skin and to be honest I felt like a spotty teenager. I walked past a new store that has opened which is a hive activity for these specific annoying sales pitches and the guy dragged me in the store. Before speaking 3 words to me, he had already told me that my skin is allergic to alcohol. Sounds almost pyschic right? I mean, just looking at this spotty faced women he had to tell me something about my skin being sensitive and I am prone to breakouts – he could not of deduced that by just looking at my spotty face? Then proceeded to try and sell me their “at home peel”. He then looked at my nails and decided he needed to buff my middle finger (I presume so that once he was done I could let it shine at him loud and clear) and before lifting the buffer off my nail tried to calm my excitement (or boredom, but he called it excitement) and tell me I won’t believe what my nail will look like once he is finished. Yawn. After telling him many times that I have better products and I will not be using his after much resistance he let me  run away and I felt relieved to get away from this generic, almost rehearsed sales pitch.

Do not be fooled – its the same sales pitch I’ve heard from about 4 different brands over the years. I am not buying your overpriced shitty products (maybe that is a bit harsh but because you try so hard to sell them I assume they must be) so that you can get the commission. I have hoardes of quality products sitting in my office waiting for my love and attention and I really do not need your so-called quality with special ingredients from the Dead Sea/ Mars/Lost City of Atlantis in them. I have plenty of products which I know are better than yours and when I proceed to tell you that, you manage to drop your price even further. I really really really am not falling for it. I seriously hope the rest of the world isn’t.

Be careful about dodgy sales pitches, yes your eyes/skin/face/hair is beautiful, but don’t believe the other stories these guys and girls tell you. Never feel pressured into buying anything for your skin because chances are its just going to sit on a shelf in your bathroom. Rather buy an ice cream. Oh and in future Mr/Ms Salesperson I will be steering clear from you because you annoy me to no end because you don’t actually know what you’re talking about.

x flea143

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Hair Styles to Turn Heads

TRESemme is a brand I know of but have never actually been one that I tend to go for just because we hadn’t really crossed paths or I was inundated with other hair care products and my hair routine is rather minimal so I always overlooked them. It was nothing personal, it was simply just I never had a need to look for styling products.

They recently sent me their TRESemme Extra Control Salon Finish Mousse which is to for a firm style to hold all day no matter the humidity. I am always hesitant of hair products but I will try anything once so I used this to create fabulous curls using my Babyliss MiraCurl Iron (review coming soon!).

Upon first using the mousse I cringed a bit as it is so sticky and I thought am I really going to run this through my clean hair? As my hair was towel dry it quickly absorbed into my hair and made general drying of my hair easier than normal. I then proceeded to split my hair to use my MiraCurl Iron to make these curls and this was then finished with a spritz of 24 Hour Body Finishing Spray and my hair lasted! Here is what it looked like (note – the next morning)…


Yeah, its nothing wow but it is a wow for me, given the fact that I have such straight hair the simple fact that TRESemme can help me hold a curl is noteworthy, never mind the fact that it dropped slightly but there was still a legitimate beach-worthy curl the following day is unheard of in the land of my hair.

TRESemme’s celebrity hairstylist Matthew Monsoor recommends using the Extra Control Salon Finish Mousse before styling to freshly washed and towel dried hair to create loose romantic curls or if you are going with a style with lots of volume or even an eccentric style which give your hair added texture in order for the styling to be extra savvy.

For extra expert tips be sure to check out TRESemme’s website and follow them on Facebook.

The Extra Control Salon Finish Mousse retails for R76.99 and is available at most Clicks, Dischem and Medirite pharmacies nationwide.

x flea143

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me from TRESemme this has in no way altered my view of the products in anyway.

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Invisibobble Magic

Is it possible to love something as simple as a hair bobble? You know the hair bobble you use to rake your locks up so you can do things without your hair getting in the way? Cook, wash your face, garden, clean and sleep? Yeah, I always battled to get a hair bobble or elastic that didn’t pull at my hair. The ones that I did find never really lasted very long.

After reading countless press releases about the Invisibobble I saw them at my hairdressers and had to ask my dear hair stylist “What’s up with these things – do they work?”, he didn’t respond, he opened the last little box that he had, which was bright red (wouldn’t be my first choice but they do come in all sorts of colours) has 3 hair rings in them in and said “Here, try for yourself”.


Well, oh my goodness, I never ever thought something that looks so weird could really hold your hair up for hours without eventually working its way out on its own accord. It’s magic but not because its “INVIS” like the name suggests, its magic because it doesn’t pull, it doesn’t slide out – even when you sleep!

For R80, which at the time of buying them I secretly thought to myself that I have rocks in my head, I have been using one and only one (I still have two left over in the mini box that they came with) invisibobble and it has stretched ever so slightly, but enough so I can just wrap it over my hair once more than before. I am a bugger for wanting to tie my hair up after getting showered when it is still wet and when I use an invisibobble as apposed to an ordinary hair elastic the invisibobble leaves no visible marks even if my hair dries naturally while being tied up.

It’s a no brainer for me. I will battle to try and live life to the fullest without an Invisibobble close by.  If you have long hair look no further, these things are magic and we should all have one!!

x flea143


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