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Hello my stunning Pouters

One great thing about being on some sort of social network is looking  at the profile photos.  Whether its good or bad, it’s entertainment for sure.  We all guilty of this.  I’m not talking about people’s’  HOT or NOT rating.  Everyone is beautiful in their own way for sure.

I’m talking about those annoying poses that can make or break a profile picture.  Seeing one or two in an album is fine.  But when you’re constantly doing it, I suggest you practice some new moves.  I regularly look through my albums and criticize my pictures from an outsiders perspective.  If I see too many of the same pics, I delete them.

It’s ok if you’re “making fun” of a pose.  Although I have noticed some people just love posing the same way for each and every photo.  It’s not that difficult to turn your head another way you know.   Some people do it once. However if you have lets say +-200 so-called friends, seeing the same pose in each and every photo is darn annoying.

I’m sure some people would think this post is making fun of them.  It’s not.  I’m just merely noticing what the majority of people do to appear “hotter” on photos, thinking its the only way to go.

Here are a few examples.  Just a few!



Females do this!  Sometimes intentional and sometimes not.  We cannot help what our friends look like.  But, what kind of friends are WE if we’re not advising THEM to better themselves visually?  (Haha I do not mean this.  Maybe I do)



FFS!  You cannot do this on so many photos.  Maximum: 3 photos.  Guys don’t actually like it.  You don’t look hot.  If you page through any popular magazine you will see  models do not do this.  If it’s for fun, I get it.  But DON’T make this your SIGNATURE  pose.



Taken from a higher angle.  It’s only purpose?  To show guys you have a pair.  So what?  It’s quite obvious your fuel in life is to get compliments from guys.  Which would probably go like this:  “Oh baby, U r so hot!!”   Just remember, don’t get upset when it’s all a guy wants from you.  -Your girls instead of you.- Until men show us their testicle cleavage I reckon this move should just stop.  It’s unfair towards us women.  (Ok, no one wants to see men in any pose like I just explained, but I’m just making a point)



The male version of squeezing the girls, a.k.a squeezing the boys!  That sounds wrong.   Hmmm.  Anyway… If you are not a professional body builder and you’re just flexing the muscles for some random photo in a club, STOP IT.  If your biceps are of considerable size we will notice it ok!   Makes me wonder.  Seems like mens egos have gone from the nether regions up to their biceps.   Should we be worried???



Personally I would never do the finger pose.  Too many things can happen in your future that will humble you and make you wish you could just hide that arrogant finger up your ass.   But its much better than any of the other poses for sure! (haha)



Photo bombing a person trying to do all the wrong poses in one shot is just wrong dude! Why did you steal this chicks thunder?  Poor thing is trying so hard to look hot and now you go and throw that into the mix? No man, shame!



Oh I have seen the same group of people doing this move over and over again.  What are you looking at?  Why is this considered cool?  I just don’t understand.  Guess I’m not as cool as they are.  Maybe im old?

OK, so that’s it for now.  Don’t hate me people.  It’s just a little laugh for the day.

Let me know what you think. I know I’m not perfect, but I’m opinionated.  As we all are.  ;-)

Be blessed, Be you.

Much luv



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