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Hello fellow Pouters

Emmy, Emmy, Emmy fever.

Seems like the colour scheme for the Emmys was RED

But, thank the fashion gods that some were thinking out of the red box.   I have to admit though, that those that wore red, definitely pulled it off. 

It was like watching the Formula 1 and Ferrari was in the lead.  Every now and again a Red Bull, Renault or McClaren  would make an appearance. 

Shall we take a look at some of the many dresses, looks and makeup?  Why not!  It always gives us normal women something to yap about. 


Adrianne Palicki – Terrible material, terrible shoes, but the make-up was great.  For this look she gets a 2.5/5

Kathy Griffin – NO NO NO.  Seriously!  Just NO, she looks like a nose bleed! 0/5

Kerry Washington – What a beaut! Stunning! She looks like a chocolate Marilyn Monroe! 5/5

Lea Michele – Known for her hawt red carpet poses!  Loved this dress, loved her hair.  She looks so comfortable being herself without giving off a cocky attitude.  Beautiful. 5/5

Nancy O’Dell – At first I wasn’t sure what I thought about the turquoise jewelry with this red dress, but the more I look at it, the more it grows on me.  It’s a twist!  A good twist!  It’s like a chilli, not the hottest one, but a chilli nonetheless! 3/5

Nina Dobrev – Congratulations!  I am an absolute fan of the side-hairdo!  It’s so classic and makes any face shape look good!  Same applies for a one-shoulder dress.  Flatters any body shape.  The folds at the bottom of her dress made me want to put bread rolls in it, but definitely the hottest breadbasket around! 5/5

Sarah Hyland – This pretty  girl who showed the  Fashion Police team how Lea Michele poses on red carpet events, got so much criticism for it from the Glee cast she almost fell into a ball of tears.  Who cares?  Don’t we all make fun or mimic someone? Anyway, she looked absolutely stunning.  4/5

Sofia Vergara – Here is a woman who knows what she looks good in.  Or should I say:  Here is a woman who makes everything look good?  Yes, this is a real woman!  And although she can be the sexiest mama, she knows when to compose herself and be a real lady! One of my favs! 5/5

Miss Amber Riley – Stunning hair, great make-up and a fabulous dress!  One doesn’t even notice she has a bit more meat on her bones.  She puts runway models to shame!  Well done Amber! 5/5

Emily Blunt – She just makes style look effortless doesn’t she?  It must be difficult though to have acted in a movie like “The Devil Wears Prada“.  It was a style crash course and it paid off.   4/5

Cat Deeley – She manages to wear the same kinds of things over and over again.  I’m sure she has worn this dress but in a short version while presenting  “So You Think You Can Dance“!  She is toast and when she has a selection of jams to smother on herself, she just always goes for the same one.  It’s not a bad look, but clearly not the best either.  Once again, who cares?  Her sparkling accent and personality makes up for it. I adore her. 2.5/5

Christina Hendricks – Look, I’m all for BEING YOURSELF.  However, when someone is saving your picture as “christina hendricks milk”, you should know that you’re being branded in my mind as a full cream glass of milk.  One thing I personally cannot stand is milky, wobbly, white boobs!  It freaks me out.  I’m sorry.  Hope my apologies are well received in advance. (Shivering while looks at this picture).  Must say, she does know how to pull off a look without us noticing her jugs at first glance.  She is after all very beautiful.  #Thatisall haha

Claire Danes – Terrible make-up!  To wear this makeup and pull it off, you should be at least two shades darker in skin tone than that of hers.  Its far too contrasting for her meek-like personality.   0/5

Elizabeth MossNude colour dresses are stunning, but paired with this hairdo and big forehead?  Why?  Was this supposed to be a romantic look?  Oh and the tan lines on the chest isn’t helping either.  She should have stayed at home. 1/5

Gweneth Paltrow – This chick does NOTHING wrong! haha.   Don’t even try to find a fault!  I like her too much and would just show you my hand! 5/5

Heather Morris – Dear Heather, when I look at you I see a grater!  I just wanna make me a cheesy ass pizza and grate all sort of cheesy cheese on it!  I’ll hold the mozzarella steady and you spin! 1, 2, 3  GO!!!!!

Heidi Klum – Klum of doom in this case!  Seal does NOT look impressed!  Is that hemorrhoids?  I’d also not look impressed if my wife flaunted hemorrhoids!  She looks like Bjorks’  famous  swan dress!   Its baaaaack! aaaaaah! 0/5

Jane Krakowski – She looks like a Crepe Suzette!  Look, it’s my favorite dessert, but she looks inedible to me!  Overcooked!!!  1/5

Amy Poehler – One must have a sense of humor to make up for this mess!  Looks like her girlfriend slept over and the two of them decided to bleach her hair.  Besides that, the sleeves on this dress is wrong.  The colour is wrong.  One has to be tall and slender to pull such a harsh colour off.  Pass!!! 0/5

Jayma Mays – Well done miss Strawberry Shortcake!  You look so sweet I can smell you from here!  One of the best romantic looks on the Emmys.  5/5

Julianna Marguilles – Personally the worst look.  The only thing good in this picture is the award!  Fire your hairstylist!  What’s with the gap in between your chest and the dress?  How many awards were you expecting to collect in there for safe keeping? 0/5

Katie Holmes – BLUETIFUL!!! Look at that glow!  Make-up perfect!  Hair?  Well, if anyone can make a nest look stylish, it’s YOU!  No, but really… I love it. 5/5

Kelly Osbourne – Probably the best look!  I like that Old-Lady-Poodle hair colour too! Perfect make-up! Well done on becoming a style icon! 5/5

Padma Lakshmi – Reckoned she can’t win an Emmy??? Fine!!!!! She’ll look like one!  Total fail!  That’s not even bronzer she used!  That’s  like copper right there!  Copper stealing thieves here in South-Africa are drooling over you right now! 0/5

Olivia Munn – We all know why the grass is greener!  This fabric does nothing for you!  Colour yes!  Fabric NO!   Look at how the dress is pulling at the thighs?  Its tight and loose on all the wrong places!  You make a hot leprechaun though! 2/5


So that was my Emmy blog post.  Agree or disagree?  It’s just a personal opinion to pass time.  I want to hear your opinions. ♥

Much ♥

Sandysands xx


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