A few weeks ago I was fortunately invited to attend the launch of Cipria Milano in Cape Town at the exquisite Nobu at the One and Only.

How amazing is this invite? Colours for days!

How amazing is this invite? Colours for days!


Cipria Milano was a brand I was not familiar with – and so I listened very intently to the details. It’s refreshing to come across a fresh approach to beauty, strength and confidence at a valuable price. All of which the brand lives up to.With now being freshly available on South African shores, Cipria Milano is fresh from Italy – synonymous with Italian standards of quality and most of all a great choice of hair care, fragrances, a wonderful selection of makeup and cosmetics that are innovative and of a very high quality but most importantly – the affordability is the biggest draw. The brand is proudly family owned and run with strong values and also prides itself in being diverse as well as cruelty free.

A unofficial slogan i took from the launch is… high end cosmetics do not need to be high priced. That is the message that they are trying to get across.

Some goodies we were given to try are the following and as you can see the prices are so affordable – anyone can look good!

CipriaMilano Pout.jpg

1.  All in one intensive hair mask – R129

2. Eyeshadow solo – R99.00

3. Keratin reconstruction vials – R49.00

4. Lipstick – R79.99

5. Mascara – R119.00

In time we will feature the individual reviews of these products!

Be sure to check out CIPRIA MILANO on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

CIPRIA MILANO stores are at Cape Gate Shopping Centre and Sandton City – pop in and find your colour.




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Rain Africa Biologie Kalahari Melon Hand Lotion

Let me start off by saying that Rain Africa is such a wonderful brand and that I have never been disappointed by any one of their products. Using their products brings me immense joy. The fact that they harness all the goodness our abundant earth has to offer while presenting it in such a delightful way is what makes me love them so much.


And as you can guess I was super impressed with this hand lotion as well. It contains ingredients such as Marula Oil, Kalahari Melon, Rosehip Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E. The superstar of this cast of ingredients is without a doubt the Kalahari Melon which contains wonderful properties that moisturises extremely well while it regenerates and restructures the skin.


Consistency wise you can expect a white in colour lotion that is lightweight yet super nourishing with a subtle yet delightful scent. I have been struggling with the driest of hands for a very long time and I am always on the search for something that will take the dryness away while it is not sticky and I often find that certain hand lotions can really just satisfy my needs in only department. When it is super moisturising, my hands feel greasy afterwards, and when it absorbs fast, my hands still feel dry afterwards. I am happy to report that this product is perfect for me!

I have popped this product in my bag so I always have it on me when I need to moisturise my hands. I will definitely repurchase this product. You can go online and have a looks at the wonderful products they have to offer. This tube of love retails for R69-00.

Have you tried it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Till next time


Disclaimer: I have received this product in a goody bag and it has not altered my view of the product at all. 



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Johnson’s Hydration Essentials 2 in 1 Facial Gel/ Mask

I have a huge love for skincare products, and like to try out everything. My skin is not sensitive at all, so I pretty much try out all products that fits my combination type skin. With that being said, I was very excited to give this product a try as you can use it in two ways.


This nifty little product acts both as a face mask and a daily moisturiser. It is light blue in colour and smells fresh and clean. It has a gel like consistency that applies wonderfully.


When I use it as a daily moisturiser I have found that it balances out my combination skin very nicely. It keeps my dry cheeks wonderfully hydrated during the day while it keeps the oiliness of my t-zone at bay. It is comfortable to wear and the refreshing scent is very uplifting.

My favourite use of this product however is as a face mask. I use it once a week and apply it on my clean skin in a thick layer. It literally feels as though my skin is being hugged by a surge of moisture. After ten minutes I rinse it off and my skin feels energised and looks radiant.


This is just one of those products that I will always have with me especially during the hot summer months where my combination skin is stretched to it’s limits. You can find this product at all major retailers and it only retails for R59-95.



Disclaimer: I have received this product as a gift in a goody bag and it has not altered my view of it in any way. 

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John Frieda Frizz Ease Curl Reviver Mousse

When I received this product for reviewing purposes, I realised that I am in no way the correct candidate to test this product and review it properly as my hair is naturally straight and I have to curl it. So I decided to ask a friend with naturally curly hair to give this product a try for me and report back.


Rochelle (my friend) was super keen to try it as she has extremely natural curly hair and struggles with issues such as dryness, no bounce, minimum shine and very little to none definition in her curls.

This is the before picture. Rochelle opts to wear her curls loose and natural every day and occasionally she straightens them.

This is the after picture. I noticed a definite change in the appearance of her hair that morning when she walked into the office.

Rochelle was super happy with the noticeable changes in her hair from using only one styling product that is meant for her hair type. She said her hair does not feeling sticky or crunchy at all from using mousse. Her hair looks shiny and more healthy without feeling or looking greasy at all. Her curls are more curly and bouncy.

All in all, she loves this product and have repurchased another can of this. This product lived up to each and every one of its claims for her and that impressed her immensely.

If you are having the same issues with your curls, pop into a Clicks is store and have a look see at what they have to offer.




Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes and has in no way altered ‘my friend’s’ view of the product itself as I only reported her findings.


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NYX Butter Gloss

Let me start off this post by saying that I am in no way a lipgloss lover. I prefer lipstick in general.


Then I received one of these butter glosses and still I was sceptical as it is just another lipgloss with a catchy name.


My main problem with lipgloss is the feeling it leaves on my lips. My lips feel sticky and superficial in a way. I want to wear something on my lips without having to feel it. But I decided to give it a fair chance and try it and decide for myself without being biased in any way.

And I actually ended up liking this  a lot. It has a sweet scent to it that I find quite delightful. It applies like a dream and feels extremely comfortable on my lips. There is no feeling of stickiness and I know it is there, but it does not make me think of my lips the whole day. I understand the name Butter Gloss as it feels as if it melts on my lips like butter.

collage (1)

Shade: BLG02 Eclair

The shade I have is a very light pinkish nude colour and I find it perfect for the days when I want something more subtle on my lips. I will not be able to report properly about colour payoff as I have only used this in a very light shade and have not tried darker shades in this gloss.

This gloss has definitely changed the way I look at lipgloss in general and changed my mind in a very positive way. Will I repurchase this gloss again? Heck yes, it is worth every cent. It retails for about R124-95 which is a bit more pricey than other drugstore lipgloss, but I will happily pay that again. You can find NYX products at Clicks stores nationwide and they have a huge range of products available.

Till next time,


Disclaimer: I have received this product in a goodie bag and it has in no way altered my view of the product itself. 

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