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Huh? THIS is Paris Hilton?!

The answer, my darlings, is yes. This is Paris Hilton in this month’s edgy V magazine sporting a darker side of her personality. Now, I don’t know about you, but I didn’t know little Madam Pink had it in her to wear so much black, but surprisingly enough – it works!

Paris – now THAT’S HOT!!!!


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Makeup Tools: Foundation Brush

Suprisingly, so many of my previous clients haven’t known what the purpose of a foundation brush is and to my horror a lot of makeup artists I’ve worked with have heard of them but haven’t bought them for their kits. Guess what ladies, it wil save you money on buying foundation as you will even use less once you get the hang of the brush.

Now, makeup artists know the value of owning good brushes which are never normally cheap, and the same goes for the foundation brush. Now there are many ways of applying foundation and its a personal thing – I do not reccommend using a brush or heaven forbid your fingers but people do, and if thats what works for them – then great! But I do suggest they try a foundation brush, because unlike a sponge or your fingers; the use of a brush can be the difference between a completely flawless face and an unpolished look.

Simply, once you’ve done all the concealing you need to you then proceed to apply your foundation with the brush as you would do with any other method (fingers or sponge) in a downward motion and spread the foundation evenly over your face, and voila your face is then ready for some powder to set the foundation.

We all can’t afford expensive MAC/ Kryolan/ Bobbi Brown/ Estee Lauder/ Black-Up brushes, but if you are going to splurge on something to spoil yourself I’d suggest any of the above foundation brushes for your foundation application but if you think its still a little steep Clicks have their own range of brushes and their foundation brush doesn’t look bad at all, so if you buy it and give it a try please let me know what you think about it. Off topic: I tried their mineralize powder/blusher brushes which was R70.00 and I thought it was great! So I’m sure their quality of foundation brushes won’t be bad (they probably won’t last as long as my tried and trusted brushes in my kit though)!

The best thing about the brushes is that you do not need to throw them out once you’ve used them, simply clean them with some soapy water (and rinse them!!!) every once in a while – depening on how often you use them and then you’ll be fine to carry on using them forever which will save you money in the long run from wasting foundation on your fingers and washing it down the sink or letting a sponge soak up all your foundation and only letting a little bit get to your skin.

Try it. It works. I don’t blog lies. Tried (millions of time) and tested.




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Makeup Must Have: MAC Fix +

Are you sick and tired of cake-y looking makeup? MAC, being the genius that they are have the best product on the market to make your skin look radiant even after powder. I live by the awesomeness that is Fix + which is not only a makeup spritz that holds that makeup for even longer and finshes the look on your face – it also hydrates your skin! Bonus!

Amazing Spray!

I really became a huge fan of Fix + when I was on set for Jozi’s Next Super Model in February this year, our hot South African summer days spent at Thaba Ya Batswana really made me and the other artists hot, especially the day we did the body painting challenge. Never mind us doing makeup on the models, every now and then you’d catch me and the other makeup artists spraying this stuff on our faces to cool us down, its like a light mist covering your face. It’s definately a must for any set, especially if its hot. We used it on the models sometimes too 😉

Your skin will absorb the spray very quickly once your makeup application has been done, its also soothing for sensitive skins, like mine. Ever have a streak mark from your foundation brush or foundation sponge? Spray Fix + onto a duo fiber brush once or twice you can fix any streak mark on your face, its fabulous.

If you suffer from dry skin, especially if you’ve been perscribed acne products from dermatologists – use this Fix + in the morning to wake up your skin and throughout the day to hydrate and moisturise your skin.

Try it, I promise you won’t regret it.

Pretty pouting with radiant skin!




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Virtual Makeovers

So what’s your take on virtual makeovers?

Personally, I’m in love with them! For those who don’t know what a virtual makeover is, it’s pretty much like designing a Sim, but instead of it being a cartoon version of you, here you can upload a photo of yourself (with hair pulled back and your prettiest smile on) and you can try on hairstyles from Audrey Kitching to Halle Berry and see which style suits you best. Like, for example, thanks to virtual makeover, I’ve realised that platinum blonde Playboy locks simply just don’t suit my oval-shaped medium-skinned face and anything Lady Gaga has ever done with her hair is O-U-T! Except for the cute style where she had a hairbow, but that’s for my midlife crisis one day – hehe!

Anyway I’m going to get a new hairstyle today, so wish me luck! It’s not going to be too dramatic, but I am looking for a change because we all know it’s as good as a holiday and having the year I’ve had, I definitely need a holiday!

So, my pretties, here are 2 websites that rock at virtual makeovers and I hope you find them as useful as I did!

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Hey PoutPerfectors!

Hope your all well?  Ok, so one of my favorite shows to watch is ANTM a.k.a Americas next top model.  It’s so darn entertaining in many ways for instance:

  • First and foremost MAKEUP!!!!!
  • Fashion
  • Jet setting
  • Personality clashing
  • Vanity
  • Talent
  • Food in the models diets, more like lack thereof
  • Cultures
  • Bitchfits
  • Photography

The list is actually endless.  Those were to name a few.  But anyhow, the show is actually extremely awesome.  Shows you how anyone can be a model really.  Ok,  wait!  Generally you have to be a stick, like as tall as the tower of Babylon and quite frankly, you don’t need a great set of teeth (which is disappointing).  One thing I love about the show is that Tyra accepts fuller figure girls and petite ones.  Thanks Tyra for showing off all sorts of beautiful women!

Here are pics of the winners.. Love how they all different and stunning in their own way.  Which is your favorite???

Adrianne Curry
Yoanna House

Eva Pigford

Naima Mora

Nicole Linkletter

Danielle Evans

CariDee English

Jaslene Conzalez

Saleisha StowersWhitney Thompson (first plus size winner)

Mckey Sullivan

Teyona Anderson

Nicole Fox

Krista White

Ann WardBrittani Kline

head judge and the ever so stunning TYRA BANKS

and of course my favs.. Jay Manual (who has a South-African dad)  and Jay Alexander a.k.a FABULOUS MISS J, which have been happily married since June 14 2010..

Hope you enjoyed the spoiler alert?

oh ps: remember to “like” us on FB! (WINK WINK, NUDGE NUDGE)




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