A random blog to say hi and talk a little about hair

Helloooo lovelies 🙂

So you’ve already met the stunning MizzFitz, the delectable Sandy and now you’re about to meet the opinionated and crazy celeb judger: Marinda Liza – that’s me 🙂

I love all things abstract, so don’t be shocked by my odd tastes in movies, clothes or makeup – because I go Goth/Scene/Emo chic all the way. The darker the better.

So what do you think of first when you think of Scene kids? Their hair of course! So, it only seemed natural to make my very first post on PoutPerfection about Lady Gaga’s new turquoise crop. Random, yes, but it is in the headlines and it IS making millions of tweens, teens, young adults and the, erm, young at heart flock to their hairdressers for the new “Gaga hair”. 

What do I think of it? Honestly?

Well I love Gaga and I sure as hell LOVE blue hair, but I’m finding it a bit hard to get used to… yet, maybe it’ll grow on me like a fungus. Sort of like her music does. You know what I mean? First you hate her songs, then they grow on you and you love them, then they get overplayed and then after a while, you just can’t stand them anymore.

What do YOU think? Comment!

Peace and Love

Marinda Liza



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2 responses to “A random blog to say hi and talk a little about hair

  1. Blue hair is awesome if done right!! Welcome Marinda! Thanks for joining us 🙂 xx

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