Another Beauty Blog?

Why yes, this is just another beauty blog which will definitely be the new kid on the web for a while. Yet, I present you with this new idea and brain child of myself and Sandy and we will endeavour to blog and make it the best blog in town to read.

I am a freelance makeup artist and have been on the beauty scene for a while now, being that before I got my makeup diploma I was actually behind the lens of a camera and telling the makeup artists I outsourced to my studio, what to do. Now I do both, but my main slice of cheese each month is from my makeup lessons I give, my makeup applications I do for everything from special occasions to crazy avant garde photo shoots to being on set for reality TV series even to bridal makeup for their special day.

People always ask me, did I really want to be a makeup artist growing up? And the answer is no. I only got into it from my photography side and I really did fall in love with it. I love how you can take any lady or in some cases man and turn them into an even better version of themselves, or a different take on how to do their makeup to completely change the shape of their face, eyes, lips, etc…. I do love my job, and I will try show that on this blog as often as possible.

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