Is it just me that sees the obvious contradiction in this term?

I fully understand that bad cases of  fashion, hair and MAKEUP have made this saying an important motto to live by.

But, (and this is a big but)…  If this motto is true, then i want you to follow these steps and tell me how it worked for you.

  1. Wake up tomorrow morning
  2. Don’t style your hair
  3. Don’t make an effort regarding your clothes, accessories and shoes.
  4. Don’t add MAKEUP
  5. Walk out the door with confidence and pride

I’m sure your feel like a million bucks.  A bombshell!  Oh yeah baby!  I’m sure your partner looked at you with awe and appreciation.  Less is NOT more!  It’s my personal motto.

A plain and simple girl walks into a room with her plain and simple MAKEUP.  What reaction will she get?  She won’t be noticed or looked at twice.  She has become one of the masses.  My pouters, this is not what any glamorous girl wants to experience.  We want and need attention.  We born this way.  Just admit it already.  MAKEUP is as important as clothing is to the body, shoes to the feet, and product to the hair.  Put your FACE-ON!!!  Even if it’s no one else’s taste, it is yours!  If less was and is indeed more, then the less we put, the more glamorous we should all feel?  I can assure you that ain’t going to happen.

Why are shows like Jerseylicious, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Jersey Couture, America’s next top model, Married to Rock and Kimora so popular then?  Answer is simple.  They gorgeous, dramatic and eye-catching!

Look at it this way:  Is a new colouring book exciting?  No.  You have to buy your pencils, crayons and all sorts of glitzy sparkly marking pens to make that book come to life!  YOUR FACE IS YOUR COLOURING BOOK.  Colour it in!  Fill those lashes, add that liner baby, puff up those cheeks with blusher, add that lip gloss and POUT darlings POUT!

terms & conditions apply though.. they will be discussed in the next few posts to follow

put your FACE-ON!




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5 responses to “LESS IS MORE???……NOT!

  1. hahaha! I love it, so you, so very you 🙂 ❤

  2. Thanks Fi. It is very me yes. Haha. Mal kop. Wait till you read my next make up post. Eish. Xx

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