Katy Perry’s new fragrance – and Ginger Hair!

Last night Toronto, Canada (and the rest of the world) got a massive shock when they awaited the beautiful raven-haired Katy Perry for the launch of her new fragrance “Purr”, when she rocked up with a new “do”. What was shocking was that it wasn’t blonde or brunette or maybe even a pretty red. No. It was ginger. Yes, ginger.

“I have this larger-than-life personality, and in everything I do I think people see that coming through,” she said. Sure, but I’m not so sure about it coming through GINGER Katy! Not that I have anything against gingers… but the colour doesn’t seem to suit Miss Perry very much.

Anyway apart from the silly colour, the style itself was quite cute and elegant and the fragrance bottle is by far the cutest I’ve seen from any celeb so far. Let’s hope Katy gets over her ginger phase and gets back to her dark roots again soon, because this new look doesn’t quite suit the sexy “Purr”.


Marinda Liza Botha / Getty Images


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4 responses to “Katy Perry’s new fragrance – and Ginger Hair!

  1. Luna

    OMG that bottle is sooo cute! I hope it smells beta than some other celebrity fragrances… (pay attention ms Hilton)

  2. Showee…. There is a big difference between being a ginger and a red head! ha ha…

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