Mine is MUCH Bigger than Yours!!

I always wonder, how big must your handbag be to carry around your makeup bag? My handbag is massive – and it’s never quite big enough for me to carry all my makeup items that I need to carry around with me, although improvisation is key!!

My own personal makeup is rather pitiful, but what do they say about mechanics – they’re cars never work properly and computer technicians own pc’s never work, well that might be vaguely true about my own makeup, although I always can jump into the giant amount of makeup I carry around with me for my clients own faces. Well my personal makeup is pitiful because it fits in my handbag, and in reality it shouldn’t!
My basic routine for touch ups while I’m on the go would definitely be my lips, as I feel a little bit naked without my lipstick and lip gloss on and then halfway through the day I will possibly touch up my powder. So, why do I continue to carry around such a large makeup bag – surely I only need my lip stick, lip gloss, my mineralize powder and a brush to apply it.

With living in between a place during the weekend and spending most weekends at my boyfriends I think I do this to make sure that I will have my entire makeup routine in my makeup bag, which includes brushes for all necessary items – whether it be for a day makeup application, a night makeup application or even a dress up party, like we’ve had to go to so many recently. So I suppose this is why it is carried with me everywhere and I also do not liking the products in my makeup kit which is solely for the purpose of my clients.

What do you carry around on a day to day basis? Are you as paranoid as me?

Pout out,


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2 responses to “Mine is MUCH Bigger than Yours!!

  1. Tilana

    Eyeliner is key! I don’t go anywhere without eyeliner. I look like a total ghost without it haha

  2. I LOVE big bags and loads of makeup, although I mainly just wear smokey colours around my eyes and rarely wear lipgloss XD

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