Back in the Studio

I felt the need to brag about what I’ve been doing this cold and miserable Sunday, so I thought what better way than to write a quick blog about it…

Liesl & Nicole

Strike a Pose!

Meet Liesl & Nicole, two beautiful sisters that came into my studio today to have their model portfolio photographed and they also had their makeup done by me, here is what we did right at the end while we were just playing around. I have known these Liesl since I was 3 years old, as I used to go to nursery school with her sister Jenna who didn’t come pose today but she will be in the studio soon too! And Nicole I’ve known since she was born… and what gorgeous girls they turned out to be! Their mother sent them for their model portfolios for a present and we all had so much fun!

What stunning models to help my photography come back with a bang since I’ve not been behind the camera since April! Feels so good to be back, back in the studio out of my home instead of the office which means more freedom and time to shoot from home!

I am so impressed with the result! What do you think?

Pout out,




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2 responses to “Back in the Studio

  1. Stunning. I absolutely love it. Xx

  2. Love it and they are so pretty!

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