Victoria and David Beckham get visited by the stork

The fabulous and always stylish Beckham couple welcomed the arrival of their little girl Harper Seven Beckham at 7.55am yesterday morning.

She is apparently a beautiful and healthy baby girl weighing around 7lbs, 10oz and her brothers Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz are more than excited to have a little sister join the family. As I’m sure mommy Posh is too, because now she finally has a little mini- me to dress up and I for one, can’t WAIT to see what the little girl will be wearing from day one Marinda Liza Botha /


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3 responses to “Victoria and David Beckham get visited by the stork

  1. eliza

    Don’t forget to post photos when they show Harper ok? I hope she’s as pretty as her mom

  2. I love the Beckhams but…. jeez, they have bred like rabbits! I think enough is enough now, they have a little girl and must stop it now! lol 🙂

  3. I love her name. Then again. I like weird names. Then again again people will always criticize other people’s decisions. Well. I love it. Anyone who doesn’t I’m sure can kiss Posh’s tiny fat free ass. Xx

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