Aniston morphing into Jolie?

This weekend I went to the movies, only to notice several posters from the new movie “Horrible Bosses” in which Jennifer Aniston plays a sexy maneater with dark brown hair… Wow, I thought sarcastically, I wonder who she was channelling? So I did a bit of research regarding Miss Aniston’s new look and noticed that her dark hair wasn’t the only thing people have been noticing she’s copying about our favourite Tomb Raider hotty.

Sources say she’s seen canoodling with actor Justin Theroux, a man who’s been in a relationship with costume designer Heidi Bivens for 14 years now until Jen went and wrecked that relationship – wait, homewrecker? Haven’t I heard that one before?

Jennifer has also been spotted getting her first tattoo done: A tribute to her beloved Corgi-terrier Norman, who passed away last month. Tattoos now Jen?  Tut tut…

Although I must say Jen is look fabulous in Horrible Bosses and the movie looks quite funny, check it out and let me know what you think:

Marinda Liza Botha / New Line Cinema


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5 responses to “Aniston morphing into Jolie?

  1. i cannot for the life of me stand her!!!! brad is a fabulous actor.. and im really not one of those tits that think he is handsome or cute or what not. but this jen. ageneeee… she really cannot make up her mind on who she wants. actually. she doesnt know what she wants for herself. maar….mense kan mos doen wat hulle wil. i dont like watching movies with her in it.. haha..

  2. eliza

    Her body’s looking good, but I don’t like her either! I hate this new bad image she’s trying to portray, doesn’t suit her at all

  3. It’s like me trying to be nice and sweet. Doesn’t suit me either Eliza. Giggles.

  4. martyboy

    I think she was absolutely stunnning in horrible bosses! i dont mind her new image at all.

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