Current Trends: Braided Hairstyles

The timeless braid comes back into season, check out the latest trends in hollywood for some inspiration!

From messy and effortless to severe and slicked, anything goes this season, which seems to take me back to french braids as a little girl. I love braids, so the excitement I’ve got to try out some of these on my own locks, even though I’m terrible with my own hair, but seeing as its so long, I can definately try some of these out!

Pout out darlings,




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4 responses to “Current Trends: Braided Hairstyles

  1. Love them, but I suck at doing them, so I youtubed a “how to” on braids – this is what I found 😀

  2. I always love them on other ladies. But I doubt it suits me.

  3. Love braids. I feel like there really is a braid to suit anyone, all it takes is a little variation. I know a lot of my friends can look great with a headband braid, but I just look weird with one. However, you’ll see me wearing a low fishtail braid to the side almost tooo much – suits my more laid back style.

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