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It scares me sometimes that so few people I come across actually realise that all your beauty products have a “use by” date from opening them, just like your milk in the fridge will go off after a couple of days – so will your beauty products  but obviously not as quickly as milk going sour!

People always ask me but why must I throw this makeup out that I’ve had for four years, its not even anywhere near being finished and the answer is really plain and simple – the brushes and pads used to apply the makeup can grow bacteria and mold – and as you know – you cannot always see these nasty molds and bacterias but they can be dangerous! And I always wonder if you’ve had this product for 4 years and its not finished – obviously you don’t use it or use it much at all?

Anything we haven’t used in 4 years need to go in the bin. It’s a difficult process but – the formula works – 20% of what we own we use. So throw out 80% of the old makeup that you have because *you might need it one day*, so start decluttering your old, moldy bacteria infested makeup today and go splurge on some new items for those *one day when you may need it*.

You probably won’t explode or die from using expired makeup products but its not a good idea to begin with, I for one do not replace my own mascara every 3 months as I find its an expensive habbit – and I’m a lash whore, I try to push my mascara to last me 4 months if it doesn’t run out first, which happens sometimes. My mascara in my makeup kit for my clients is changed religiously every 3 months, finished or not as that is being used with clean applicators brushes each time but to different eyes. Generally my own foundation lasts me for 6 – 7 months so I never push going near an expired foundation, although I wouldn’t trust my skin with an expired liquid foundation as I’m prone to breakouts and it would just put me in a bad mood, for my makeup kit the foundation I buy sparingly and only top up when I need to as not to waste anything at all.

Here are a few guidelines of how long you should keep these items before you buy new ones:

Concealer: +/- 12 months

Powders: 2 years

Blush & Bronzer: 2 years

Creams & Gels: 1 year

Pencil Eyeliner: 3 years

Powder Eyeshadow: 2 years

Foundation: maximum of 18 months

Liquid Liner: 12 months

Lip Liner: 3 years

Lip Stick: 2 years

Nail Polish: 1 year

Mascara: maximum of 4 months

If you’re not sure of how old something is – it doesn’t matter on the brand. Test out the product on your hand first – if you notice the colour has changed slightly/ smells different/ or doesn’t look good – throw it out!

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4 responses to “About: Your Makeup Shelf Life

  1. fully agree on this. and you made it super simple and easy. its great… its actually something we all need reminding on. i will actually print it and keep it in my makeup box. thanks fi.

  2. Wow Fi I really didn’t know most of this. Thanks so much 🙂

    • haha, most people don’t thats why I thought it’d be an important blog post, main issue is generally your mascaras though – I read yesterday if it irritates your eyes or inflames them its because of bacteria growth, so rather spend another R100 – R200 on buying a new one that possibly giving yourself an eye infection 🙂 x

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