Inspiration vs Motivation

Looking through a magazine and I sit there and realize that with each picture I look at, a certain emotion pops up.
It’s so easy to quickly page through a magazine and say to yourself you like or dislike something, but if you really just sit still on one page and really listen to what your mind is saying, can be quite interesting.

I was looking at pictures of make overs. They took normal people like you and me.  Gave them make overs which included hair, makeup and clothes. Took the before and after shots and I must say, they looked absolutely stunning.
A few pages on they had again normal people, but the difference was they wanted to look like a celebrity and they also looked fantastic.

But, thinking about it now I “feel” that makeovers with pictures of regular people is INSPIRATION. It shows us that ANYBODY can look like the better form of themselves. An upgrade if you will.  However, looking at the pictures of people wanting to look like celebs were, how can I say… sad, even though it looked great too.
Celebrities are cared for 24/7. They have trainers, dietitians and beauty routines. They look perfect in a photo shoot thanks to lighting, makeup artists and photographers.

All that im saying is that the regular people are such INSPIRATIONS although
celebrities can MOTIVATE us into bettering ourselves yes. But, it’s rather demotivating to see people wanting to look like celebs instead of seeing the beautiful potential in themselves.

Just be a better version of YOU.

I understand that we all look through magazines and wished we looked like a certain celeb. I get that, but how do you not know that when you put your best foot forward and look absolutely stunning that someone out there doesn’t wish that about you? Look after yourself. Give yourself a little makeover weekly. May it be wearing your hair differently, adding some accessories or just doing your makeup with a little kick in it.

Put that FACE-ON. (the confidence in yourself game face)
much luv. sands.xx







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  1. Wow stunning sandy! I agree – makeup is key!

  2. I totally agree doll, its a new challenge for ladies of today to compete with the media and keep up appearances isn’t as easy as the celebs that are constantly in the spot light.
    When I was in high school I struggled greatly with trying to as “xyz” as this celeb, towards the end of highschool I thought screw it, let me just decide to be myself, and be the best I can be.
    I love the post, so well written!

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