About: Eyeshadow Colour

Natural eyeshadow: These are great shades for day-time and night time use when you want to keep everything looking natural – sometimes keeping it subtle can make a huge statement. Plain and natural eyes have made a huge comback recently, with some liquid liner on the top lids with perfectly applied mascara – can really make looking fresh even more fabulous topped off with a statement making lipstick/gloss!

Bright Coloured Eyeshadow: Express your mood with some bright colours – don’t be afraid to experiement! I’m sure we’ve all bought some colourful and never used it – try it – if it doesnt work, don’t use it again but don’t be afraid to try!

Matte Eyeshadow: Matte shades have no shine at all – great for daytime wearing and highlights. Just above the brow bones will look great! I dare you to try that the next time you put on your shadow!

Shimmer Eyeshadow: Everyone loves a little glamour and perfect for that night out! Just be careful not to wear this during the day time as it can appear to look sweaty in the sun light, night time let your glitz and glimmer shine out under the stars!

Have a pouting Monday!



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