SA Modelling Exposure Tip

There are far too many models out there who all have something unique to offer and don’t know how to get the correct exposure that they are looking for, well FHM South Africa has come up with a pretty neat solution for all the models to show case what they have to offer on the FHM site, and they created an equivalent of Facebook for models, namely called Modelbook which seems to be seriously popular for all the models trying to break into the FHM market and others.

More recently, in the past year FHM modelbook seems to have be swamped with not only models but fans of these models and photographers and makeup artists also showcasing their work and as such being able to network with some of SA’s finest models.

I was first introduced to modelbook last year, when many of the lovely ladies I’d had the privledge of working with had been selected to be in the 2011 top 100, and from being selected to be in the top 100, the search narrowed down to the top 10 and you would have to visit these models profiles and vote for them if you wanted them to go througMashadi by MissFitz Studio h to the next level.

Out of the top 10 of last year, I’d had the privledge of working with

1.) Mashadi Motsogi -( makeup application for other photographers and I’ve had the privledge of having her in my studio and we had so much fun! Kirsten Maarschalk by NGD Photography

2.) Kirsten Maarschalk –  many makeup applications for other photographers including NGD (www.ngdphotography) and Graphic Art many times and I’ve had the privledge of having her in my studio a few times too! Talana Bouwer

3.) Talana Bouwer – some makeup applications for Graphic Art Photography ( you can view Talana’s FHM page here –

When I logged onto my FHM modelbook profile today and looked at the most popular profiles on there I was shocked to see how many of these models I’ve worked with recently by doing their makeup. There is:

1.) Cindy De Wet ( with Nspiration Photography the first time and then many times afterwards I’ve done her makeup

2.) Shontal Lottering ( I met Shontal recently at a shoot with Graphic Art Anita by Dragonfy

3.) Anita Ronge ( I met Anita and painted her face with Dragonfly Photography ( a few weeks back and anyone who has worked with Dragonfly will tell you – you’ll never laugh as much until you’ve been in that studio!

Jaenette by Graphic Art4.) Jaenette Jacobs ( I met Jaenette at Graphic Art doing her makeup for his fine art calender 2012 project that he has recently completed – all details about the calender are on his website (

5.) Roelien van der Merwe ( another beautiful lady I met at Graphic Art, she had won a competition off the FHM site Roelien by Graphic Artfor a free shoot with the infamous Graphic Art and the

images speak for themselves – simply amazing!

Most of these ladies I met through Graphic Art, because everyone wants to shoot with him because he is so popular, and by looking at the quality of his work – who wouldn’t want to look as amazing as he makes everyone look? True story.

Back to the original meaning of my posting here, all these ladies are extremely down to earth models, none of them have a typical diva attitude and they all are working hard towards their dreams of being in FHM, FHM have helped them greatly by letting the models show their talent on the FHM Modelbook platform. Which has had incredible residual benefit for all the other people involved (photographers/ makeup artists/ stylists/ clothing designers/ etc).

If you are a striving model, aiming for greatness join FHM Modelbook, and let the guys at FHM see what you have to offer. Check it out here:

So, to FHM I have to congratualte you guys on having such an awesome platform for models to show the world who they are and what they’re about, the photographers that have used me as their makeup artist for the above shoots, and to the lovely models who let me happily paint their faces, we’ve had a lot of fun but heres to having a lot more and making more of these lovely ladies even more famous than they already are.

Keep pouting,



*Please note all images taken of the above models with makeup by MissFitz Studio remain the intellectual property of the respective photographer.


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4 responses to “SA Modelling Exposure Tip

  1. 1 awesome lady miss fitz..keep well and keep up with that great work of yours!!
    Thank you for the stunning makeup!!
    c u soon.

  2. You GO Flo

    Thx for the mention hun, app………………..retiate it.

    Lots luv

  3. Wow Hun!!! Thanks a mil for the Mention xox
    Your just STuNNING 🙂 Thanks for always being the AWESOME person you are 😛
    Keep well & Hope To see ya ReaL sooN!!!
    Mwah x

  4. Wiseman Masemola

    i am PROUD of BEAUTY, and never ashamed therof

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