Emma Stone’s bad attempt at curves…

Now, I don’t know about you, but if I had a tiny figure like Emma Stone, I’d most certainly not go and wear a dress that makes it look like I have bus hips! Why, oh why, did Emma go and wear this unflattering frock?

If she was trying to create the illusion of curves to her boyish figure, she would have done well by layering her clothes. Wearing pleats or ruffles she’d have made her hips look curvier, but not out of proportion.

Next time she should try out one of these flattering styles:



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3 responses to “Emma Stone’s bad attempt at curves…

  1. oh my god, that dress is fugly. shame, her stylist should be fired. hahaha

  2. Magenta

    I love those dresses (not emma’s) and I agree, those styles would have suited her much more. The dress she’s wearing is all wrong for her body type. Come to think of it, it’s all wrong for anyone’s body type really

  3. lili

    that is the ugliest dress ever! omw!! the others are so much prettier 😉

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