Cream of the crop, Makeup Crop that is.

Are you a  lover of makeup, its application, products and just what it can do for a woman?

There are so many great makeup artists out there that are really good at this art.  Being a natural artist myself, I find drawing, blending and the  artistic flow quite natural.  But, I always want to learn more.  Makeup artists like to have little secrets for sure, but sharing (to some extent) is caring.

So if you’re a YouTube tutorial freak, like I am, here are some peeps that you should go check out.  I have followed them for quite some time now, and they really are the cream of the makeup art crop.

My fav artists regarding makeup tutorials…

Kandee Johnson

Makeup Geek



Michelle Phan

Promise Tamang

Sarah Chambers Sarah Chambers Makeup Design

Eraness  eRaness   eRaness – Adel Final Fantasy Makeup Look – YouTube

These are my favorite makeup artists to watch on YouTube.. They have the best tutorials and I adore them to bits.. BUT, there are so many more which I’d love to feature on here… Keep watching out for updates.

One last thing, my favorite stylista must be the awesome Jeannie Mai from the awesome show  How Do I look.  Luuuv her! Enjoy peeps.

Much luv

Sandy xx


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