Green Hair: Avril’s Blonde Moment

Growing up, I was always absolutely facisnated by Avril Lavigne making such a huge mark on the pop scene being a little different, embarassed to admit but when she first came on the scene in the early 2000’s – I wanted to be just like her, simply because I thought she was beautiful, talented and a free spirit that couldn’t be confined to fitting in with the Beyonce’s of the world.

To my horror, her music continued to get worse each album she released, and then I didn’t think she was that cool anymore, although I still thought they way she carried herself was absolutely awesome and her style still suited her down to a ‘T’.

Anyway, after switching the tv on yesterday and witnessing a recent music video by her, (it was terrible music, but thats beside the point but probably why I cannot remember what it was called) she was sporting green locks on her beautiful blonde hair which completely ruined everything I’d ever loved about her. Really, Avril – GREEN HAIR? I like the pink, it suits her but green, please it looks like she has been swimming in a gigantic pool of chlorine, sis Avril, wash your hair with some beer or tomato sauce and get this neon colour out your hair.

I may be a colour lover but I’m by no means a scene kid fan, so please, remove the green Avril, I beg of you! This whole midlife crisis thing is not working for me, you are not a child and therefore you cannot be a scene kid.


Your Ex-Fan,



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3 responses to “Green Hair: Avril’s Blonde Moment

  1. Hey hey hey Fi! Don’t go hating on the scene/emo kids now haha, but I agree, she’s getting a bit old for the rainbow-coloured hair and is it just me or is she looking a little thinner, paler and does her face look tight or am I imagining it? I really hope she didn’t go for botox! O.o

  2. Lili

    Perhaps it’s more of a punk thing than a scene kid thing?

    • It could only be a punk thing, in my opinion of course, if she was in fact an actual punk, but as I stated previously, she is a pop singer with a punk influence, but the green hair just doesn’t work for me especially if she likes to advertise she is a Vogue model, I doubt highly at her age she’s living the real punk life – but like I said, just my opinion 🙂

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