How To: Quick & Effective Highlighting and Contouring

We all have at least sometime in our life worn foundation – this foundation may or may not have been the right shade for your skin, but we all may not have effectively highlighted and contoured our faces. To effectively highlight and contour your face, you will need a perfect matching foundation (test that the shade of foundation matches the colour on your neck) and then you can contour and highlight with foundation or powders, I love doing it with MAC Mineralize powders.

No one, apart from a very blessed few have the perfect face shape, and what is this perfect shape for every face? It’s oval. So, just because you weren’t born with this face shape – doesn’t mean you cannot have it! Contour 2 shades darker to make areas of the face seem “further away” and highlight 2 – 3 shades lighter to bring out parts of the face to appear closer.

This picture shows very generally where to contour and highlight your face, it does not necessarily mean everyone will have contour as heavily, its just a great example of how to do it.

Just remember to blend it into the matching foundation which matches your natural skin colour, and there you have it – volia a perfect oval face!

Blend, blend, blend! I promise you, you will feel like  a million bucks – try it and see! And if you don’t, BLEND some more!




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2 responses to “How To: Quick & Effective Highlighting and Contouring

  1. Hey thanks Fi, I’m always wondering how to do it properly 😉

  2. some days i feel like shading the whole darn face.. .HAHA

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