Media: Opening Up a Can of Worms…

I am aware this may tune some people to the wrong station, but its bothering me and here is what I have to say.

RIP Amy Winehouse versus RIP 98 people dead in Norway

My heart breaks for Amy Winehouse dying at such a young age, with such a waste of talent and a real troubled soul however, I am quite mortified that the killings in Norway have gone under the radar in spite of Amy’s untimely death. I also heard yesterday – I haven’t found a source to confirm it though that when Amy had died her father was on a flight and had not been notified and the media caught wind and decided to go viral with the news, while her own father knew no better. Which irks me some more, although that is beside the point of this little blog post.
Amy Winehouse was a self-admitted recreational drug user, and unfortunately when one dies a lot of people seem to ignore this and make saints out of sinners. I did not know Amy personally so it is in no way, my place to judge her, her life or her choices and I am in no way saying it is a good thing for Amy to have died, it was tragic but it was more to be expected of the former rather than approximately 98 children dead because some lunatic who wanted to dress up as a police officer decided to go crazy with his gun on young people. We live in an utterly sick, twisted and disgusting world and it breaks my heart to think of the families mourning the loss of their children, their brothers and sisters and to make matters worse these families of the loved ones know that they had spent their last moments alive on this Earth in terror. It scares me that it has been pushed under the radar because Amy had died on the same weekend.
May they all rest in peace and all get the recognised media attention they all deserve, 98 innocents and Amy, may god bless their souls and may they all rest in peace.



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2 responses to “Media: Opening Up a Can of Worms…

  1. agree with all you said. xx

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