Hey PoutPerfectors!

Hope your all well?  Ok, so one of my favorite shows to watch is ANTM a.k.a Americas next top model.  It’s so darn entertaining in many ways for instance:

  • First and foremost MAKEUP!!!!!
  • Fashion
  • Jet setting
  • Personality clashing
  • Vanity
  • Talent
  • Food in the models diets, more like lack thereof
  • Cultures
  • Bitchfits
  • Photography

The list is actually endless.  Those were to name a few.  But anyhow, the show is actually extremely awesome.  Shows you how anyone can be a model really.  Ok,  wait!  Generally you have to be a stick, like as tall as the tower of Babylon and quite frankly, you don’t need a great set of teeth (which is disappointing).  One thing I love about the show is that Tyra accepts fuller figure girls and petite ones.  Thanks Tyra for showing off all sorts of beautiful women!

Here are pics of the winners.. Love how they all different and stunning in their own way.  Which is your favorite???

Adrianne Curry
Yoanna House

Eva Pigford

Naima Mora

Nicole Linkletter

Danielle Evans

CariDee English

Jaslene Conzalez

Saleisha StowersWhitney Thompson (first plus size winner)

Mckey Sullivan

Teyona Anderson

Nicole Fox

Krista White

Ann WardBrittani Kline

head judge and the ever so stunning TYRA BANKS

and of course my favs.. Jay Manual (who has a South-African dad)  and Jay Alexander a.k.a FABULOUS MISS J, which have been happily married since June 14 2010..

Hope you enjoyed the spoiler alert?

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  1. I love that show and can’t wait for it to start again, I didn’t even know it had been on Vuzu!!! *dissapointed*

    • zomg…. love this show.
      was so excited to work on our south african version but I didnt see anything as amazing as what they did over there, all that besides, it was a load of fun!!

  2. oh fi… take me next time please.. assistant makeup artist…please. please. xx

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