Makeup Must Have: MAC Fix +

Are you sick and tired of cake-y looking makeup? MAC, being the genius that they are have the best product on the market to make your skin look radiant even after powder. I live by the awesomeness that is Fix + which is not only a makeup spritz that holds that makeup for even longer and finshes the look on your face – it also hydrates your skin! Bonus!

Amazing Spray!

I really became a huge fan of Fix + when I was on set for Jozi’s Next Super Model in February this year, our hot South African summer days spent at Thaba Ya Batswana really made me and the other artists hot, especially the day we did the body painting challenge. Never mind us doing makeup on the models, every now and then you’d catch me and the other makeup artists spraying this stuff on our faces to cool us down, its like a light mist covering your face. It’s definately a must for any set, especially if its hot. We used it on the models sometimes too 😉

Your skin will absorb the spray very quickly once your makeup application has been done, its also soothing for sensitive skins, like mine. Ever have a streak mark from your foundation brush or foundation sponge? Spray Fix + onto a duo fiber brush once or twice you can fix any streak mark on your face, its fabulous.

If you suffer from dry skin, especially if you’ve been perscribed acne products from dermatologists – use this Fix + in the morning to wake up your skin and throughout the day to hydrate and moisturise your skin.

Try it, I promise you won’t regret it.

Pretty pouting with radiant skin!




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5 responses to “Makeup Must Have: MAC Fix +

  1. Sounds like it could be a real help in summer 🙂

  2. IM GONNA TAP ME THAT BOTTLES ASS. anything MAC and im happy.

  3. Your site looks great, I cant wait to see it when its finished!
    In the meantime you might want to check out these WordPress tutorials…

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  5. gillian moore

    I have never use the product but will be wed soon so I am trying to get the best to hold my make up. I have oily skin, hope the product wound not have me oily.

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