Virtual Makeovers

So what’s your take on virtual makeovers?

Personally, I’m in love with them! For those who don’t know what a virtual makeover is, it’s pretty much like designing a Sim, but instead of it being a cartoon version of you, here you can upload a photo of yourself (with hair pulled back and your prettiest smile on) and you can try on hairstyles from Audrey Kitching to Halle Berry and see which style suits you best. Like, for example, thanks to virtual makeover, I’ve realised that platinum blonde Playboy locks simply just don’t suit my oval-shaped medium-skinned face and anything Lady Gaga has ever done with her hair is O-U-T! Except for the cute style where she had a hairbow, but that’s for my midlife crisis one day – hehe!

Anyway I’m going to get a new hairstyle today, so wish me luck! It’s not going to be too dramatic, but I am looking for a change because we all know it’s as good as a holiday and having the year I’ve had, I definitely need a holiday!

So, my pretties, here are 2 websites that rock at virtual makeovers and I hope you find them as useful as I did!

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  1. im too scared to try.. hahaha. dont know why..

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