Makeup Tools: Foundation Brush

Suprisingly, so many of my previous clients haven’t known what the purpose of a foundation brush is and to my horror a lot of makeup artists I’ve worked with have heard of them but haven’t bought them for their kits. Guess what ladies, it wil save you money on buying foundation as you will even use less once you get the hang of the brush.

Now, makeup artists know the value of owning good brushes which are never normally cheap, and the same goes for the foundation brush. Now there are many ways of applying foundation and its a personal thing – I do not reccommend using a brush or heaven forbid your fingers but people do, and if thats what works for them – then great! But I do suggest they try a foundation brush, because unlike a sponge or your fingers; the use of a brush can be the difference between a completely flawless face and an unpolished look.

Simply, once you’ve done all the concealing you need to you then proceed to apply your foundation with the brush as you would do with any other method (fingers or sponge) in a downward motion and spread the foundation evenly over your face, and voila your face is then ready for some powder to set the foundation.

We all can’t afford expensive MAC/ Kryolan/ Bobbi Brown/ Estee Lauder/ Black-Up brushes, but if you are going to splurge on something to spoil yourself I’d suggest any of the above foundation brushes for your foundation application but if you think its still a little steep Clicks have their own range of brushes and their foundation brush doesn’t look bad at all, so if you buy it and give it a try please let me know what you think about it. Off topic: I tried their mineralize powder/blusher brushes which was R70.00 and I thought it was great! So I’m sure their quality of foundation brushes won’t be bad (they probably won’t last as long as my tried and trusted brushes in my kit though)!

The best thing about the brushes is that you do not need to throw them out once you’ve used them, simply clean them with some soapy water (and rinse them!!!) every once in a while – depening on how often you use them and then you’ll be fine to carry on using them forever which will save you money in the long run from wasting foundation on your fingers and washing it down the sink or letting a sponge soak up all your foundation and only letting a little bit get to your skin.

Try it. It works. I don’t blog lies. Tried (millions of time) and tested.




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2 responses to “Makeup Tools: Foundation Brush

  1. I use my fingers O.o ooops! Lol! I’ll have a look at brushes, I didn’t know they are so great 🙂 p.s LOVE the logo!!!!

  2. Jisela

    I think fingers work better. The heat from your finger tips actually helps blend makeup in better than a brush, and there is no wastage. Even flat synthetic brushes like MAC’s will soak up some of your liquid foundation, and if people aren’t diligent with cleaning can lead to spreading bacteria on the face. If I use a brush I prefer MAC’s stippling brush, the 187. I’ve tried a similar stippling brush from Clicks and it wasn’t dense enough to do the job. I’m a firm believer of getting what you pay for. Sometimes it is worth investing in a more expensive brush, that with care will last longer and perform better.

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