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Makeup Mistakes: Too Much in One Go…

Try to emphasize one feature at a time, rather than all of them.
Scenario: You’ve just been to the latest makeup counter because its payday and its time to spoil yourself. The instore makeup artists sit you down and start showing what’s in and what’s out in the makeup world, and you start seeing the difference. She has not only emphasized your eyes, she has perfectly contoured and highlighted your face, your cheek bones, and given you some killer lips. You feel fabulous, spend all your money and walk out the shop feeling fabulous! The only problem is when you get home, you look in the mirror and you feel like a clown. Did the makeup artist sneakily trick you into buying the products? Probably. But please bear in mind its their job to sell as many products as possible and they aren’t bad people really as when they were demonstrating techniques they may have just been working on one area of your face at a time and keeping the mirror or even your eyes focussed on that feauture. While each area of your face that they painted with their magic brush looks fantastic, all together the overall effect is overwhelming because it highlights far too many features at once.

So before you chuck all your new items out into the bin and cry because you are now broke, just rotate what you emphasize on your face. One day, do the perfect smokey eyes the makeup artist taught you to do, and keep your blush, and lips to as close as natural as possible and on another day let your lips be bright and beautiful but keep your eyes down to a taupe shade of shadow, mascara and natural blush with bright pink lips for example.

The possibilities are endless with your makeup kit, no matter how big or small. Its all about embracing it, trying it; if it doesn’t work its not the end of the world, its only makeup, it does wash off! 😉





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Gaga’s Tribute to Britney at the VMA’s 2011

So, I have 3 official celeb obsessions. 1) Christina Aguilera 2) Lady Gaga and  3) Britney Spears, so you can imagine the seizure I had when I saw 2 of them on the VMA’s last night. Especially with Gaga dressed as her male alter-ego Jo Calderone. I was quite shocked to see how convincing she was (except for the obviously girly voice) when she presented Tribute award to the legendary Miss Spears.

Gaga said that Britney had been her inspiration when she was performing in small clubs in New York and as Britney got on-stage, Gaga went all coy and shy, looking like a small schoolboy as she (or he) gave her the Tribute award. They stared at each other for a second and just when the crowd thought they were going to make out (which Brit loves doing on stage so much!), Britney waved Gaga away and pulled a face. I don’t think I blame her though, Jo Calderone is a creepy little man!

Anyway, did you miss it?

Here’s the clip in case you did! Enjoy!


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Megan Fox is removing her Monroe tattoo

Yes I know it’s been going around for quite a while now, but I wanna know what your thoughts are on this? Now, it’s her body and all and I respect it if she wants it removed, but have you heard her reason?

“It is a negative character, as she suffered from personality disorders and was bipolar. I do not want to attract this kind of negative energy in my life,” she told Italy’s Amica magazine in their September issue. Now, call me silly, but isn’t Marilyn Monroe an icon for so many young girls out there? Who does this little girl think she is dissing an icon of Monroe’s stature? Why did she get the tattoo in the first place? “It warns me not to let myself be treated so badly by the film industry so that it breaks me down,” she has been quoted as saying.

Um, OK then Megan… see my last blog on tattoos before you just jump the gun next time…

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Makeup Mistakes: Scarlet FEVER

Picture this: You meet with your girlfriends for an afternoon outing and they all ask you at different times if you are feeling ok and one may possibly test your forehead to see if you are feverish. The likely cause for these odd greetings generally are down to your blush. The blush you applied in dim artificial lighting of your bathroom or bedroom is alarmingly bright in natural sunlight. It can either make you look hot, not in a good way or like a clown.

There are some easy remedies for scarlet fever cheeks. If the blush you are using is a powder, you can use a clean makeup brush or cotton ball to brush away the excess. If that doesn’t work, brush on a bit of your natural skin colour powder on top to tone down the intensity of the blush.

To avoid this problem in the future, find the right color of blush for your complexion. Just pinch your cheeks and look for a blush that matches that color.

Cheap blush tip: I recently bought some blush shades by Woolworths own brand of makeup, and have been pleasantly suprised by the quality.  From being someone who generally only likes the big brands blush, the Woolies one was cheaper than my general MAC blush, now I don’t think I have a need for it. Not only do they stay on your face and do not fall off as the day goes on, they have some beautiful shades which really give your a face a “lit within” healthy glow. My makeup kit now is happy to have some of Woolies own makeup in it. Have you tried any Woolies makeup products? Would you reccommend it?



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Weekend Style Crush: The Bow

It can make any look playful, sweet and innocent. It can dress up a pair of laid-back jeans. It can make you look damn cute! Yes, I’m talking about BOWS!! I cannot tell you in a non-X-rated way how much I love my bows, in my hair, on my shoes, on my clothes. Bows, I bow down to you!

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