Makeup Trends: Through the Ages

We’ve come a long way to express makeup, which we don’t have to prepare or even kill before we put on our faces below is a list of the strangest makeup trends I’ve come across in my reading… please do not try these at home!

1. Ancient Egyptians believed that eye makeup protected them from evil spirits and improved their eye sight…
Growing up I always wanted to go to Egypt, maybe if I wore enough makeup there I would never have needed to get my first pair of glasses this year! So, touch up that eyeliner and say some quick prayers if you still have perfectly working eyes!  🙂
2. Nail polish made of sheep fat and blood was worn by ancient Romans.
If you try this at home, watch out for your dog. They may think your fingers are very odd half cooked mutton sausages…. Can you imagine the smell? Yummy.

3. To achieve pale skin in the sixteenth century woman resorted to bleeding themselves with leeches.
Oh the things ladies have done in the name of beauty…. OUCH!

4. In the last half of the sixteenth century woman used egg whites to help restore a healthy glaze.
Hmmm, anyone smell rotten eggs?

5. Woman wore arsenic powder on their faces in Renaissance times, to obtain pale skin which had deadly consequences.
No wonder the ladies always look so miserable in the Renaissance portraits that are floating around, they were half dead… literally!

6. False eyebrows made of mouse fur were worn in the eighteenth century.
Let’s hope these mice were a special breed that was lice repellent… otherwise…. That’s gonna be itchy! But let’s be honest, mice nowadays are not lice repellent, so it’s an itchy situation that these ones were definitely not.
7. Belladonna drops were used by woman in the nineteenth century to make their eyes appear more luminous, even though they knew it was poisonous.
Please do not try this at home! 🙂

8. Woman in the nineteenth century drank vinegar and avoided fresh air to make themselves look pale.
Slightly refreshing compared to our orange fake tanned nation, but at least orange is healthier than drinking vinegar and avoiding fresh air.
9. During the early twentieth century lipstick was tattooed to the lips which resulted in some terrible consequences.
I’m sure you can imagine the bad tattoo work on the lips and these poor woman’s faces would forever be scarred from the bad work.
10. Rouge was not only worn on the cheeks in the 1930’s but on the ears too.
Times and trends change evidently, who knows we may be doing this to our ears for next seasons makeup trends, but let’s just hope not!

Point of this post is that, woman have always done crazy things in the name of beauty, so please before doing anything look after yourself first and your looks second. Look after yourself, be healthy but please ensure you do not harm yourself in the process of looking good, if you are wishing to have any form of cosmetic proceudre done, research it, know the risks and see if they outweigh the benefits. You will only have one body, cherish it.

That’s all for now,




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3 responses to “Makeup Trends: Through the Ages

  1. What an awesome post Fi!
    That stuff is so interesting. I like the pale look, maybe I should invest in a couple of leeches? lol!!!

  2. this is one of my favorite blog posts.. xx

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