Makeup Trends: 1940’s

Red lipstick was seen as a symbol of patriotism, not only did it make woman feel more

Ava Gardner

feminine it made them feel like they were defying the difficult times. Makeup was dramatic characterized by matte foundation, heavy brows and as previously mentioned scarlet red lips.

  • If no lipstick was at hand, beetroot juice was the failsafe lip stain.
  • Vogue in the 1940’s had colour pictures, hard to believe but its true.
  • Revlon created products for the U.S Army which was honoured in 1944 for excellence.

As rations were implemented into society and hit the USA in 1942, everything was rationed and clothing was no exception. In order for woman to contrast their dull wardrobes hairstyles became more elaborate.  Hair which was longer than shoulder length was rolled into complex shapes and secured with bobby pins. Sceen Screen Siren of the 1940's siren, Rita Hayworth popularized side parts and finger waves.

More recently we’ve seen this look coming into play with a favourite stylista of min, who has been loving the modern glam makeup, think Betty Boop meets Lady Marmalade, what do you get? Christina Aguilera.

You can channel Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe’s and more recently Christina Aguilera’s makeup looks by praying to the makeup gods and play playing with your brushes a little bit.

Start by playing with your natural arch in your eyebrow to get the 1940’s eyebrow look going. Shape the top part of your brows with a coloured pencil to match your hair colour. Brow stencils will help create a more dramatic effect for evening makeup. Well defined brows are a key part to chanell1940's inspired makeup @ the Grammy Nominations ing the inner 1940’s god in you which will elongate the shape of your eyes.

To give your eye a theatrical flare, keep your eyelids bare, or if you have to use a neutral shadow, like MAC’s best eyeshadow SHROOM and use a slightly more taupe shadow in the crease of the eye. Use liquid liner on the top lids of either eye, I do this in more than one motion starting on the outside of the eye and moving inwards toward the nose, I finish it off by doing the “wing” last. You need to practice this on yourself to make sure that you can get both lines on either eye equal in thickness and that you when you draw your wing they are both at the same angle, use the natural “wing” of your eye to ensure this.

Skip dark eyeliner on the bottom, rather use a white liner to line the rims of your lower lashes and follow this with black masacara.

Finish your look by lining your lips with red pencil and filling those lips with your favourite red lippy. Voila. You have chanelled the 1940’s makeup goddess inside of you. Praise the makeup gods for your natural beauty coming to shine.

P.S. Remeber to touch up that lippy!




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3 responses to “Makeup Trends: 1940’s

  1. i personally dislike red lipstick on myself. i do not own one red lipstick in my makeup box.. it doesnt suit my face when i smile. some can pull it off. others shouldnt.. xx

  2. I agree, I envy the girls who pull red lips off so well but my thin lippies unfortunately can’t pull it off. Christina pulls it off so well and I’ve noticed girls with blue eyes make it look insanely good! *jealous*

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