Get Stoned!

No no no, you read the title of this post incorrectly. What do you think I’m talking about? Well, a hot stone massage of course! A hot stone massage is the ultimate luxurious sensation and great to treat yourself and even your partner to as a suprise or just simply because you can! The  experience is immensely soothing.

I had my first one a few weeks ago, and I’m craving another it was the most relaxing sensation I’ve had in ages! Its a fairly simple and pleasant experience which starts with getting your body oiled with a deep tissue massage, and then the heated stones are placed along the energy chakras (pressure points) of your body.

The  stones are either basalt or volcanic which retain the heat and are rich  in minerals which promote relaxation and healing.

Go for one, I highly recommend it! Let me know how your experience was. I went to the Yao Thai Spa in Edenvale, Johannesburg ( )


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