Current Trends: Spring 2012 Lippy for Boys!

Scratch the guyliner and the manly approved dark nail polish looks. Men on the catwalk sporting new looks for Spring 2012 have been seen wearing some bold and some pastel looking lipsticks. Firstly, I’d like to say if men want to wear makeup, we as woman who have worn makeup for centuries must let them. Designer Ehud Joseph’s Spring 2012 menswear show in Paris, guys looked bright and sunny donning vibrant yellow lips. Dark sunglasses and black visors kept the glare out either that or to try hide his face, sorry male model, you failed that one 😉

Men wearing a bit of lippy isn’t a new phenomena, however it didn’t seem to take off when designer Thom Brown put little lipstick on his male models on the runway. At his most recent show in Paris, he featured glittery gold lips, and back in 2009 it was all about streaks of blue. That model is looking rather blue… dabedeedabadaa.

Our darling Vivienne Westwood at her Autumn/Winter 2011 menswear show earlier this year, male models looked all the more chic donning forever-classic, medium-red lipstick. Not really working for me Viv…

For a 2010 photo shoot featuring a black-lipped, black-haired Lance Bass who is an American pop singer,  the photographer Mike Ruiz found his inspiration from both ’80s new wave and Spandau Ballet. Lance tweeted during this time “I would make an ugly drag queen.” I wouldn’t let him give up his day job just yet…

Is this the beginning of pout perfectors for the boys? Unclear. But things do seem to be moving in that direction. So ladies, if you have a trendy man who likes to follow whats on FTV don’t be shocked if your man comes home with a manly shade of lippy on, just don’t let him steal yours.

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7 responses to “Current Trends: Spring 2012 Lippy for Boys!

  1. For the runway and photography yes and maybe the eccentric type of guy? yes.. Its ok, but thank God my man doesnt believe in makeup for men. I dont want to be fighting over makeup in the mornings. haha. xx stunning fi.

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  3. Um no…no no no!!! Guyliner is sexy in a sort of guilty-pleasure kind of way and basically ONLY when Jack Sparrow wears it, but guys wearing lipstick? I have to draw the line!!! Not even my metrosexual or homosexual guy friends would do this. Nee Vivian Westwood, nooooo!

  4. missooohlala

    There is no way I’m going to be kissing any man with more makeup on than me… #justsaying!

  5. Ryan

    I thought the lipstick at the Vivienne Westwood show was gorgeous. It didn’t look feminine to me at all.

    • It is just different, not a bad different just not the normal, but that seems to be how fashion becomes a trend, someone does it once and then everyone does it 🙂 Thanks for your comment, really appreciate your views and opinions!

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