Investing in the right tools: Brushes

Investing in the right tools will make a tremendous difference in make-up application. Look for tools that feel good in your hand, that allow you to absorb and apply your product well. You already have the best tool of all – your finger tips, the perfect blenders. But to get into tight corners, nothing beats the precision of the right brush.

Your choice of brushes will have a lot to do with your style of applying make-up. If your application is elaborate and involves highlighting,  and many shades of eye shadow, you’ll need a variety of brushes. if your make-up application is uncomplicated, you’ll only need the basics.

When shopping for brushes look for sturdy handles and tightly anchored bristles. The basic kit should include five or six goo-quality brushes. The ideal kit should include at least one slim eye-shadow brush, about 1.5cm thcik, for the delicate lid, plus a slightly thicker one for blending.

A lip brush is brilliant for finishing off the last bits of your favourite lipstick but even better for lip definition. A blusher brush is essential: look for a firm, dome-shaped brush about 3cm in diameter. this will hold more colour at the centre and wont leave a harsh line.

An eyebrow brush with firm bristles controls the short brow hairs. A powder brush is good for fine application of powder, and finally an eyeliner brush should be a small, firm, flat brush for applying powder at the base of the eyelashes.

 “If a woman’s make-up is successful you dont see it, you see the person.” Thibault Vabre.

XOXO Megs 🙂


by | August 18, 2011 · 7:23 pm

3 responses to “Investing in the right tools: Brushes

  1. Yay! Great post Megs, keep it up xoxox

  2. missooohlala

    I’m terrible with brushes… always losing the blady things! Especially those eyeshadow applicators which would be why I hardly ever wear eyeshadow, only liner and mascara 😉
    Cool post MissMegs
    x Lucy

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