POUT PERFECTION? Or in need of Pout Correction?

Good Morning Pouters!

Since this is called the PoutPerfection Blog, lets look at some pouts..

Some pouting styles are very interesting. They may look natural, swollen, odd, skew, pasted on and quite frankly more like a baboons bottom.

Sometimes its hilarious having to look at women (which turns into staring) when she is approached by a “hot” man. He wants her number. What does she do? Well, she aint gonna get rid of the pout for nothing. So she processes what to do. Pout? Speak? Pout? Smile? Ai Ai Aaai…

So here are a few pictures of good and well, not so good pouts.


The queen of the perfect pout Angelina Jolie

And now ladies and gentlemen (drum roll) the Bad pouters.

These “lovely’ ladies have the Baboon-Bottom syndrome. It’s to attract attention. I’m not sure if they realize the attention they’re getting? Oh well, fame is fame.

next…Celebrity pout gone wrong.

Lisa Rinna is trying to show us how broad shed like her smile to go..

Whats-her- face Ronson a.k.a Lindsay Lohans ex shows “Arrest-Pout-how-to”

Smile of regret

Kim Kardashians pout even doesn’t know what it’s doing anymore. Even the pout itself seems confused.

Victoria Silvstedt is the perfect example of… Botched lip Botox augmentation? No worries. Bigger boobs!!!! Yay!!!

I’m so sick of Paris Hiltons lips already, it’s even looking depressed on her face. If lips had a PMS look, this would be it.

Miley Cyrus. What are you doing? Trying to pout? Smelling something bad? Aaaah I see. The teenymabopper Hannah phase coming through every now and again.

Last but not least, my favorite. A “normal” everyday person pouting for a profile picture. “Ya’ll don’t notice my bad hair if ya’ll see these lips if yo (aks) me!!!”

So that’s my entertainment for the day. Straight from my crazy mind and heart to your eyes. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Much luv.

Sandysands xx


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4 responses to “POUT PERFECTION? Or in need of Pout Correction?

  1. whahaha! Love it Sandz, my fave good pout – A cross between Angelina and Scarlett. My fave bad pout – Marilyn Manson’s little cousin at the top of the list! Awesome post 😛

  2. missooohlala

    Good heavens – whoever pout 61 is has a new term for “blow job” lips!
    x Lucy

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