Hello my Pouters.

I trust you’re all well and ready to take the weekend on?

How about, you take the weekend on with a little task. Tell me, is there something you just wish your better half or the opposite sex in general just wouldn’t wear? Come on! Tell me what you dislike the most that your partner wears.

Look, I’m all for individualism. If you want to wear Crocs dazzled with those funky Croc jewels, then by all means wear it, but remember. You’re going to be judged, laughed at and even worse…. ignored, because no one wants to be seen with you.

Goodness. I once wore huge baby blue slippers to Sandton mall on a quest to buy high heel shoes for my matric farewell. But damn it, I made those slippers look hot!

All I’m saying is, if you want to wear a weird and or funky item, pull it off. Nevertheless I got some pictures of things we wear that men hate and vice versa. Let’s take a look and tell me if you agree or not.


1) Harem pantsApparently men don’t like it. Well my honest opinion? If they’re worn right and stylishly you can pull it off. Look at the pic above. It looks great. Its style. It’s also understandable why men don’t like it. It doesn’t cup and squeeze the ass, giving it that sexy look they oh so want. But its your butt! If you can pull it off, wear it!

2) Ugg bootsAlso known as the FUGGLIEST shoes ever made.

3) Jump Suits

4) Headbands

Goodness, not even I like this much. It’s not that it’s terribly bad. But I think men want to feel like if they want to run their fingers through your hair they should be able to do so without hurdles.

5) Dungarees

This is pretty much a casual version of the jump suit. It’s just a “lazy” look. I think women shouldn’t wear one when they’ve reached a certain age. Like at the age of let’s say… 7?

6) Leggings

Hey! I’m a fan of tights! But, I usually wear plain ones compared to these. Why don’t men like it? It’s toight like a toiger! So pants are either too loose or too tight? Geewiz and I thought women were indecisive.

7) Tuxedos for women

Miss Von Teese pulls this look of like its nobody’s business. Hot stuff I tell you! Why don’t you men like it? Is it because it makes you feel less of a man?

8 ) Oversized Sunnies

I have oversized sunglasses and I darn well love them! Just make sure your nose can hold them up. That is why I love them. My nose holds any kind of eyewear up!

9) Gladiator Sandals

10) Too much Makeup

WHAT?! Too much makeup?! No, No, No and wait NO! Thank my lucky stars my boyfriend loves me with makeup! Yay!!! Whats wrong with her look? Nothing! Ssshhh I don’t want to hear it!

and now…


1) Crocs They’re comfortable? So is my big butt!

2) Long messy beards

3) Hairy chest and a gold chain

Haha!!! Perfect picture here. Dude, if you like this look. You will be SINGLE for a very long time indeed. Don’t ever bring this look back into fashion. Yuk!

4) Baggy pants

And you complain about dungarees, jump suits and harem pants? What’s the purpose of this look? Ventilation? What? This look goes hand in hand with laziness!

5) Too much hair product

6) White socks accompanied with black shoes

A man who wears this mess on his bottom half is wearing that hairy chest with the gold chain on the upper half!

7) Speedos

Oh goodness. Where does one start? Vacuum packed fruit and veg. Isn’t it bad to squeeze everything together like that?

8 ) Socks and sandals

This is the classic “tourist” look. Yes, they are aliens touring earth! Coz this look is so outta this world.

9) Justin Bieber hairstyle

This Lama-lick, hair to the side, overgrown Justin inspired hairstyle was actually made popular by the brits like the Beatles. It gets my blood boiling and not in a good way. Male teenagers see this as the “look-to-have”. I see it as the look to pin your son down and sheer him as soon as humanly possible.

10) Labels from head to toe

One item or two yes. Not the whole darn thing! You’re not a wall and you don’t need to cover up with graffiti. Local celeb Snotkop always wears Ed Hardy from top to bottom. Do you think you look “cool”? You look desperate! You look like a walking Facebook wall showing off how popular you are with all the wall posts!

So my fellow Pouters, I hope you were entertained once again.

Have a stunner of a weekend. Be good, be Blessed and be you!

Much love

Sandysands xx


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  1. I just hate Uggs and the Headbands.

    for men i think messy beards and hairy chest is a huge turnoff. yuck!
    lmao-the speedo part.

    • Well hello there. I’m happy I got some feedback. I agree with you hey. I like a bit of stubble. yum. Hairy chests are a tad scary.. Can only imagine how frightened his nipples are. hahaha.. sis sandy. Yeah and as for the speedos? No no’s! xx

  2. haha poor nipples
    Little stubble=sexy.

    I like your blog! I’l subscribe for further posts!


  3. wahahaha! pure brilliance as always sandysands!

  4. lol!! awesome post sandz, i haaaaate hairy chests! SIES!!!

  5. missooohlala

    I think harem pants are hawt, like you said if worn with style… Have to agree with everything else though.
    *giggles* I don’t mind the Justin Bieber hair cut on men though, but only if they have baby faces, makes them more “cute” less handsome.
    Love your posts girla, honour to post alongside such an awesome blogger.
    x Lucy

    • Harem pants are stunning. But yes, if worn right hey.. it makes one butt feel happy while feeling free. which is a hard thing to accomplish. oh and thank you…loving yours too. really great..xx

  6. Alexandra

    I hate to be the one to say this, but I don’t wear a stitch of make up everyday (I’m a performer, so I feel I make up for it in stage make up when I perform!) and my boyfriend loves the fact that I don’t wear make up. Why? Because I don’t wake up next to him with a made up-face, and I don’t go to bed next to him with a made-up face. He loves me au naturale and that’s how it should be, I think. 🙂
    Make up should enhance your features, not make you damn near unrecognizable without it!!

    • Hey there Alexandra.
      Thanks for commenting… Thats awesome though, the fact that your bf loves you without makeup. But like you say, you’re a performer. You got makeup coming out of your ears haha. My bf loves me with makeup. haha. Which is perfect with me. But I’m not one of those chicks that go to sleep with it or put it on before he wakes up. Thats just overboard. I just think that makeup is a must. The amount of it depends on the woman. A woman without makeup is like a man that doesn’t scratch his balls. Weird! But, you’re right when you said it must ENHANCE. Hope to hear more from you. xx

  7. Thanks for the isngiht. It brings light into the dark!

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