Beauty Trends: The Weird & The Wonderful

I love reading about random nonsense. Here a few facts I’ve come across relating to the beauty scene over the past coupe of weeks… The things that people do and believe are sometimes rather amusing. So let me know if you’re willing to try any of these, and definately let me know how it works out for you!! 😉

  • According to historians, in the late 1800’s, Germans used to clean their faces with Tobacco and toothpaste to give the skin a natural glowing and youthful appearance. Haven’t heard of this in the 20th centuary – however dont confuse this with the latest Japanese toothpaste which is used to remove stains from smoking tabacco….

  •  In the early 1900’s in England, a magician named Arnold Bumbledeer, claimed he could make men’s belly fat disappear by hiding the excess fat in his assistant’s shoes.

  • In 1960 a Beauty therapist put a Gingerbread man in an icebox hoping it would preserve the Gingerbread man for 1000 years. This did not quite work out the way the Beauty therapist planned as the Gingerbread man was stolen out of the icebox and eaten by her little brother, either that or this particular Gingerbread man was the very one from Shrek that ran away from the box and went on to fame and fortune from acting in Shrek.

  • A census of the world’s best and worst haircuts revealed that 89% of the worst haircuts are received at Green-Peace rallies and 59% of the best are created in salons which own rocking chairs.

  • The world’s strangest location for a beauty salon is in Chile where a salon sits right next to a graveyard.   The salon stays open during funerals as they find they get good business out of it.

  • In an ancient castle in Czechoslovakia, old piano wires are recycled for spectacular light shows that are held annually. The light show usually lasts about five hours and is the main source of inspiration for doctors developing new laser-hair removal equipment.

  • A small area in Bloemfontein that is populated by the  “pokem yeye” tribe is the only place manufacturers can find the wood used for eye pencils in South Africa. The tree that yields the wood for the pencils is referred to by the locals as the “colour tree” which attracts approximately 7,000 tourists a year.

Have a good week pouting!


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