Copyright and what it means.

You finally got around to getting some great pictures for your portfolio and to add some spice to your facebook / fhm modelbook profile.

Great, so who owns those pics…
You? The Photographer?

Unless you have an agreement stating otherwise these belong to the photographer, or the company that the photographer works for.

So the Tog owns the rights to images and he  / she may utilize this images within the limits of the of the agreement that you and the tog have.( Always sign an agreement, Terms of service or a release).

So what does this mean…
One thing you can’t have someone else edit the pics for you, you cannot remove their watermark or logo.  You cannot make any money from the pics either, ( unless you have an agreement in writing with the photographer) You cannot give the pics to someone else to make money either.

So remember folks read your terms of service if you do not understand it, get someone to explain it to you( like a lawyer)

I’ll leave you with this thought, R E S P E C T…  its a very common word that everyone uses, but do you actually know what this means?


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2 responses to “Copyright and what it means.

  1. Have to agree, a lot of the models are actually unaware of this and even after having signed releases etc, they still continue to believe that they have ownership of said images.
    Its up to good photographers like you to explain this to said model and then everyone knows 🙂

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