Makeup Mistakes: Best Face Forward

Makeup has been around since 3,000 BC, if not longer. Ancient Egyptians painted their faces with artificial color to impart the illusion of youth and health, and often as a substitute for bathing. In China, cosmetics indicated social stature. Royalty and higher class people painted their fingernails with gold, silver, red or black. The lower classes were permitted to wear only pale-colored nail polish, I wonder if they knew about my pro chip tips of an earlier blog I wrote 😉
But looking good came with its share of troubles, too. From the 14th century to the 1920s, one of the primary goals of wearing makeup was to lighten or whiten facial skin, and cosmetics for the face, eyes and lips often contained toxic minerals, as also previously mentioned in one of my much earlier blog posts about beauty throughout the ages and these products containted items like lead and mercuric sulfide . These poisons build up in the body over time. As late as the 19th century, makeup mishaps could include paralysis or death.

These days, however, makeup is only dangerous if you apply it in a careless way like driving and trying to do your mascara in your rear view mirror. But non-fatal makeup mistakes: the ones that make you look a little ridiculous or just don’t feel right are still common in every day society and usually come from a need for change within. Generally, this is how it works: In a magazine you see a model with a particular hair and/or makeup look and since you don’t have a professional makeup artist on speed-dial because you didn’t want to put me on your speed dial list 😉 You start to experiment with your own products. Sometimes, you create a look you like – YEAH WELL DONE!!! But… sometimes, you create someone you don’t recognize…. and not in a good way!!

A makeup mistake might not alter your personality, but it keeps you from putting your best face forward. Whether you’re a daily practitioner of the makeup artistry, or someone who wears makeup only on special occasions, you’ve probably experienced the embarrassment of misapplied, mismatched or misbehaving makeup on your face. I will be writing blogs over the next couple of weeks surrounding the makeup mistakes that we all could of made in some time in our lives and how to fix the problem. After all, its not the end of the world if your foundation doesn’t match or you just don’t feel right with your face on, but there is always a solution for the problem to rectify it and to make you feel like a million bucks.

But until then, I will leave with some celebs that would of been better going without makeup on a particular day and why I think so… So, don’t feel bad, if they do it with stylists, makeup/hair stylists and looking good is a living, we’re all allowed to make mistakes. Here are some that stand out to me. Let me know if you agree?

Drew Barrymore @ the Premiere of Charlies Angels

If Drew were on her way to a Halloween party, I may understand this look or if she were chanelling her inner Goth.  Unfortunately, she caked her face with white powder for the London premiere of Charlie’s Angels.  Scary!


Beyonce; is that you??

When Beyonce looks good, she looks fabulous and generally knows how to pull any look off.  When Beyonce looks bad… let’s  just say, based on the photo at right — her own family wouldn’t even be able to  identify her body.  The pale foundation is bad enough, but the blood red  lipstick just AMPLIFIES the CREEPY.

Shine on Christina??

Ms. Aguilera loves to emulate Marilyn Monroe’s blonde bombshell style, but shiny  red lips, heavy eyeliner and way too shimmery shadow hide the beautiful girl underneath, unfortunately too much shine = makeup fail, not only does it make you look sweaty, it just doesn’t work!

That’s all for now lovelies.



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4 responses to “Makeup Mistakes: Best Face Forward

  1. Love these kind of posts from you Fi! 😀

  2. good heavens.. Look, if it werent for mistakes… we just wouldnt have anything to write about. so yay for mistakes..haha..xx

  3. Haha thanks girlies, we all make mistakes… We just don’t like to admit it! I just hope I can educate a few people who read this, on something, so they don’t make them too!

  4. Never considered it that way.

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