Makeup Mistakes: Lines – Seperating the Makeup from You

How did this happen? A distinctive line that separates your makeup from the rest of your face and neck usually means you didnt blend your makeup in enough. You might be using the wrong application tool, or your foundation could be so thick that it resists blending. To correct the issue, try one or more of these remedies:
• Use a slighty damp makeup brush or sponge to blend away the edges of your foundation and concealer.
• Carry the foundation coverage below your jaw, blending it into the skin of your neck, blend the concealer around your eyes into your foundation so that there are no distinct lines.
• Mix your foundation with water or moisturizer to thin it and to create a lighter, sheerer texture. which will help it bode with your skin.
All my blogging about mismatched foundation and having the correct shade of foundation just makes me think of makeup school. I had a lecturer who had a one-worded vocabulary which was “BLEND BLEND BLEND” which is what I seem to think I’m sounding like recently however if you’ve mastered the foundation application process, but your foundation still doesn’t look or feel right, wait for the rest of my blogs on the Makeup Mistakes series I will be writing to see if I have a solution for a problem you may have.

Once again, celebs prove time and time again that they (or should I say their makeup artists) are only human and I’m sure over the following pictures that some makeup artists got fired. Or it just proves to me that, you’re not allowed to be bitchy to your makeup artist! Wakaka! Your thoughts?

Over Rosey Complexion there Cameron?

Pamela "Scary" Anderson

J Lo's not so purdy in PINK!

Nicole Kidman, did she play a ghost in Ghostbusters?

Ghostly Drew Barrymore.... again!

Eva "eish" Longoria...




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6 responses to “Makeup Mistakes: Lines – Seperating the Makeup from You

  1. makeup mistakes? successful druggies! hahaha .. jokes. i feel the same about this subject fi.. blend blend blend!!!

  2. oh, i think its dont be bitchy to the artist. If a client thinks she can piss on my battery, she will think again. hopefully she reads the blog and understands the type of person i am. im nice, but i bite. xx

  3. What’s with the white under their eyes? Is this a new trend I’m not getting? They look like they put their makeup on in the dark!

  4. Sands, I’d hate to try and diva with you if you were doing my face… lol
    Marinds, The white is a poor attempt at concealer, its a concealer that is FAR too light for the dark circles they obviously have around their eyes.

  5. yes, and sometimes when you put it on you dont see how extreme it is until youve taken a photo. like in these pics. then you see the mess. xx

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