Makeup Mistakes: Too Much in One Go…

Try to emphasize one feature at a time, rather than all of them.
Scenario: You’ve just been to the latest makeup counter because its payday and its time to spoil yourself. The instore makeup artists sit you down and start showing what’s in and what’s out in the makeup world, and you start seeing the difference. She has not only emphasized your eyes, she has perfectly contoured and highlighted your face, your cheek bones, and given you some killer lips. You feel fabulous, spend all your money and walk out the shop feeling fabulous! The only problem is when you get home, you look in the mirror and you feel like a clown. Did the makeup artist sneakily trick you into buying the products? Probably. But please bear in mind its their job to sell as many products as possible and they aren’t bad people really as when they were demonstrating techniques they may have just been working on one area of your face at a time and keeping the mirror or even your eyes focussed on that feauture. While each area of your face that they painted with their magic brush looks fantastic, all together the overall effect is overwhelming because it highlights far too many features at once.

So before you chuck all your new items out into the bin and cry because you are now broke, just rotate what you emphasize on your face. One day, do the perfect smokey eyes the makeup artist taught you to do, and keep your blush, and lips to as close as natural as possible and on another day let your lips be bright and beautiful but keep your eyes down to a taupe shade of shadow, mascara and natural blush with bright pink lips for example.

The possibilities are endless with your makeup kit, no matter how big or small. Its all about embracing it, trying it; if it doesn’t work its not the end of the world, its only makeup, it does wash off! 😉





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2 responses to “Makeup Mistakes: Too Much in One Go…

  1. haha, so true. If you’re my sister you would of been bullshitted out of R25 grands worth of products. Ok, it was skin creams. Not makeup. My other sister usually buys whatever the person is trying to sell her. goodness me. haha. But its true, dont waste what you paid for. Use it properly for the proper occasion. It will last long and you wont regret it.

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