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Weekend Style Crush: Wedges

Wedges are wonderful for summer. They are stylish, pretty and really comfortable. The funkier, the better!

So go out and buy yourself a super stylish pair to go with that gorgeous summer dress you’ve been hiding in your closet all winter. It’s time to get stylin’!


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7 Reasons Why You Should Go to Sexpo

Firstly, I’m not going to beat around the bush – if you’re the conservative type, you won’t like it and will end up blushing through the thing and not enjoy yourself, so stay at home.

Secondly, Sexpo is not for the jealous, so if you’re going to scream at your boyfriend/husband/partner for looking at the gorgeous naked strippers and/or models, again, stay at home because this is for fun.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way and you’ve taken the carrot out of your bum, you may read on…

According to it is a “Health, Sexuality & Lifestyle Expo and is the world’s largest event of its kind focussing on a broad spectrum of adult related topics and also boasting spectacular stage performances by local and international adult entertainers.  The aim of the exhibition is to educate, inform, entertain and celebrate our sexuality in a fun and exciting atmosphere shared by like minded people. SEXPO is not just about SEX, it is about sexuality, sensuality and adult lifestyles in the 21st century.  SEXPO offers a vast number of diverse exhibitors ensuring that there is something for everyone and for those of you on the prowl for fun, unique or even special gift options for friends or loved ones . . . SEXPO will not disappoint.”

Not convinced yet? Well, being my second time going to Sexpo, which will be held at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand all this weekend, I thought I’d give you guys a brief overview of what to expect and 7 reasons why you should go!

Reason 1: The Famous Pricasso

At some stage you’ve heard of the old guy that whips out his junk to paint masterpieces who attends Sexpo every year and this year is no exception. You’ll be amazed (and somewhat disturbed) by what this guy can do with his, erm, paintbrush.

Reason 2: Michelle “Bombshell” McGee

Meet one of the world’s most famous mistresses, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, the fetish model who slept with Jesse James and ruined Sandra Bullock’s marriage – coz you can! Besides, how cool would it be to have her on your facebook profile pic with you?

Reason 3: Gold Member

2 Years ago when I went to Sexpo for the first time, I posed with a giant penis ice sculpture and although I’m not sure if the ice sculpture will be back this year, I know a giant gold “member” will definitely be there. Don’t pretend like you’re not excited – LOL!

Me at sexpo in 2009, all sweet and innocent of course! hahaha!

Reason 4: Body Art

Although I am not nearly brave enough to strip to my knickers and pose for a bunch of strangers, the website promises it to be cool; “Watch and take part as the nude body becomes an artist’s canvas! Charl Bubb the renowned body artist will be creating masterpieces out of SEXPO visitors throughout the show.”

Reason 5: Chapel of Love

Feeling spontaneous? Why get a tattoo when you can get hitched?! I mean, it’s our equivelant of a Vegas Wedding. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly not the type to tell my kids at 80 years old that “I got married at Sexpo!”, but it certainly will be funny to look at the peeps that do!

Reason 6: Durex Workshops

“Throughout SEXPO the workshop hosts fun and informative seminars. Gain valuable health information or unleash your sexual powers.” So, it’s a place for education as well!

Reason 7: Ladies and Men’s Lounges

STRICTLY for the single or the open-minded. From stripshows to lapdances, to just enjoying a time giggling, blushing and laughing with a couple of Cosmo’s at hand with friends. The Lounges are going to be hawt!

So go on, don’t be a pissy! Even if you just do it once in your life, go and enjoy being bad for one night. I’ll be there on Saturday and will update you guys on my naughty (lol yea whatever!) time at Sexpo, follow me on twitter for my tweets this Sat – “CherryVonDagger”!

Peace and Love! xoxox M


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Thursday Blues? Some Funnies to cheer you up!

This week is just going by too slowly for my liking, so I do what every other bored person at work does. Search the internet for something funny! OK, maybe not all people do that, but it’s no secret that I’m weird.

Anyway I’ve taken the liberty of searching far and wide for something to entertain us while we await home time. Enjoy!


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Style Focus: Vintage Style Swimwear

Start thinking pin-up when going to buy your new bikini or swimming costume for the upcoming summer because vintage is back in baby! Did it ever really leave – well that is besides the point as da da daaaa its here with full force.

What do you think of them? I think they are cute and classic, as long as the weird vintage swimming caps don’t come back into fashion – I actually quite like them! 🙂




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My new love: INGLOT

Good morning my dahlings!

Trust you all having a great week so far?

Down to business.  My make-up box consists of the following:  M.A.C,  Model Co, Bobbi Brown, Catrice, Benefit and now INGLOT!  Oh my word, can I just please tell you that INGLOT is my NEW love!  No, I still love my boyfriend the most with my pets, family and friends.  Anyway, Fi told me about this Inglot  make-up a while ago and that it was available in Sandton Mall.   Apparently a lot of make-up artists are preferring it over M.A.C!  Can you believe that?  I had to experience this for myself!!!

Besides the make-up, the trip getting it was just fab.  I’m going to let you in on my weekend.  Yay!



Lunch at the MUGG & BEAN, Centurion Mall with my sweetie Nicholas.

It was just a fabulous day all together.   An employee in the Jockey store started asking me questions.  “Do you have a sister?  She looks just like you hey?  She also has your hair hey?  She also has a LV bag she swings over her shoulder hey?”  He then went on to saying that at first he thought it was her and was astonished at how fast she got another guy! haha.

 I just have to tell you that Primi Piatti in Menlyn Mall have a kick-ass teapot cocktail.  Yum

I must however brag about Ritrovo!  It’s the most stunning restaurant in Pretoria, Waterkloof heights.  The food is amazing!  The owner and his team or let’s say family are just fabulous.  My sister gets their real italian pizza every friday!  Religiously!  So Nic, Oscar and I went to have some dinner there.  What else but their pizza?



My Gautrain Gold Card

Let the trip to Sandton start.  INGLOT here we come!

Finally the train stopped at:

We got off and make our way to Sandton Mall.  My boyfriend is a mechanical engineer and his brother is almost one.  They were discussing the beams, the structure itself and here was Sandy talking to herself about Inglot.  haha

The famous Nelson Mandela statue

Sandton Mall is more for the ladidaa kind of person.  Thank goodness I only have to go there for my Inglot stock.  It’s not my favorite mall as it’s extremely busy, because everybody wants to be seen there I guess.

Before any shopping starts, Nic and I just love to eat out.  So we went to Pappas.  A greek restaurant overlooking the square.  Was lovely.  And I had the best Mojito there.  Tanqueray Mojito

And so with our tummies full, we set out on our mission.  Entering the busy mall, passing all the other shoppers to find…..INGLOT.  Well that was my mission.  Not sure what Nic and Oscars mission was.  We pass the human traffic and then, the heavens opened and light beamed on the name I was praying to find…

Found it!  It was waiting for me.  I enter and something happened.  I felt I was “home”.

What a stunning store.  Neat and easy.  No fuss.  The service was great.  My favorite thing about Inglot is their pallets.  You can make your own pallet.  The colours you want.  Lips, cheeks, blushes and eyeshadow all in one pallet if you want.  The make-up artist there will help you out and show you around.  She’ll give you some ideas and does not overlook your opinion.  Here are some examples of the pallets and also the one I put together.

This is my pallet.  A bronzer, blusher and two eyeshadows.

Love the packaging too!  Even my engineer boyfriend agrees!  It’s got his stamp of approval.  They are not expensive at all.  For this pallet with the bronzer, blusher and 2 eyeshadow plus a eyeliner I paid under R500.00.  WTF!

After the make-up shopping we decided to head back to Hatfield.

Waiting for the train to arrive.

Pretoria stop, ours was next.

It was a great day.  Cannot wait to get onto the train again and zoom off to Inglot!  Later that evening we got us some Strawberry Daiquiri, Heineken and SUSHI at the Ocean Basket in Irene Village Mall!




Our weekend ended off at the Good Food and Wine show.  Drove to the Coca-Cola Dome and was welcomed with hungry maniacs!  OMG, that place was buzzing!  Ate crepes and guess what?  We found a Tangueray cocktail stand!  We bought Raw Chocolate (amazing).  Chocolate without dairy or sugar!  Mouthgasm for sure!  I got me some Basil seedlings and Italian parsley to replant.  (Yes I’m into planting recently)

BTW, Gordon Ramsay was there, but I didn’t get to see him 😦

The Coca-Cola Dome


So that was the weekend passed.  Everyday was just great!  Nic always knows how to plan things out for us!  I found a new make-up!  I feel proud of being on the Gautrain (wasn’t the last trip), am blessed to enjoy great restaurants.  Looking back at the whole weekend, I just realize how blessed my life is!  So I’m feeling really blessed at this point and sending you all blessings too!  It’s overflowing!

Hope you enjoyed this very long post (apologizes).  Luckily it’s a very visual long post!



Sandysands xx


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