Poorly Dressed dot com

There are plenty of websites around which have pictures of every day people (I did initially type ordinary but are these people really ordinary?) to judge what they are wearing or what they look like. Morally, its very incorrect and we shouldn’t find humour from such sites but occassionally an email will float around between friends, whether it be from the “fail”, “HOT OR NOT” “People of Walmart”, or any such site or now, a recently discovered one which I recieved some pictures of people wearing hideous clothing which is www.poorlydressed.com from one of my friends this afternoon.

As I logged on the site, I was actually feeling quite sorry for these people who are having their style insulted, but then I actually started to laugh, which obviously makes me a bad person 😉 but at least I know I’m not the only one. Here are some of the poorly dressed pictures which really made me laugh which are a little more extreme than some of the others, but see their captions as seen on the poorlydressed.com website.

Ready to hit the pool for a few laps, honey?

Adult diaper flash, seriously?

Hey, look someone forgot their furry pants!


Enjoy the giggle, but always remember how you would personally feel if you landed up on such a site….

Have a good one pouters!



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5 responses to “Poorly Dressed dot com

  1. haha, i LOVE these kinds of sites. youre not a bad person at all. Just one in tune with style! These people asked for shit when they took the damn photo! I mean really! hahahaha. looooove it.

  2. holy crap Fi! My eyes!!! lol

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